Monday, April 23, 2007

Playoffs Continue!

B. Anthony is back, 4-0 start should get your attention. Warriors are going to be the story of the playoffs, and we should be able to handicap their games to make money. Tracy McGrady and Baron Davis are the MVP's from the first weekend

Monday's Game:

Rockets -5.5 are no fluke. They will pull away in this game and put the Jazz up against the wall.

Tuesday's Game:

Toronto -5.5at home in a bounce back. Raptors now know what they need to win a playoff game, and Nets are happy to have the split. Bosh will go for 30. Take the Raptors, lay the points.

Wednesday's Games:

Spurs -8.5 will bounce back. They realize they have to be more physical with the Nuggets, and this Nuggets team, like New Jersey is happy to get the split. Watch for a lock down defensive performance by the entire Spurs team. 90- 78

Warriors and Mavs, over 210. That first game was a fluke on the offensive end. These two teams will explode in game 2. Mavs will go to the basket every possession, and with Beidrins out, the Warriors will have no one there to challenge. They will, however, reach and get steals, so if they don't give up a lay-up, they will get one on the other side. 115-105, too close for the spread, but way over 210!

4 more winners to take to the Bank


B. Anthony


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