Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Money’s Mock Draft ’07.

I love the draft. It is short enough (only two rounds) that it is easily viewable on TV. Plus, I know every player in college basketball, thus having an opinion on how they will play at the next level. What I don’t know are the Euros. They have invaded the draft, especially the Warriors picks. This new wrinkle makes the draft less attractive to me, but such is life.

I usually predict the lottery picks, but this year I will go down to pick 18, where the warriors pick. Last year, I successfully picked the first pick taken in the draft (a Euro) and then no one else. I did however predict that Brandon Roy would be the rookie of the year, and he was.

1) Portland – Greg Oden
Don’t over think this pick. Kevin Durant is going to be a great player, but guys like Oden do not come around often/ever.

2) Seattle – Kevin Durant
Seattle has it easy with this pick, as Durant just falls into their lap. He will be terrific and contribute immediately.

3) Atlanta – Al Horford
This is a good pick, but not the right one for Atlanta. They should take Mike Conley Jr, but they have an agreement with AC Law so they pass on Conley here. Horford has good size and is incredibly smooth around the basket.

4) Memphis – Joakim Noah
I am simply not a believer in Noah. He has good energy and plays tough, but so do most NBA players. His shot is similar to Charles Barkley’s……golf swing. It is horrible.

5) Boston – Yi Jianlian
This is the pick where everyone is predicting things change. Danny Ainge is the master of screwing up drafts, but this time he tries to do the right thing, stand pat and pick the best player on the board.

6) Milwaukee – Mike Conley
Conley will be the Rookie of the Year. The Bucks will be lucky to get him.

7) Minnesota – Jeff Green
Great college player, who should have stayed another year with Hibbert. He traveled against Vanderbilt in the tournament by the way.

8) Charlotte – Corey Brewer
Charlotte will likely trade this pick, but if they don’t, they pick Brewer. Another Florida lottery player and another bust.

9) Chicago – Brandon Wright
Wright appears to be slipping, but I love his talent. This would be a great pick for Chicago.

10) Sacramento – Julian Wright
I am not a fan of this guy. I really don’t think he was that good of a player for Kansas either. Bust.

11) Atlanta – Acie Law
They should have taken Conley at #3. Law was my favorite player last year, because he was so Money. That is, until he missed a lay-up at the end of the game that would have sealed a victory against Memphis. Ugly shot, but clutch player. He will contribute.

12) Philadelphia – Spencer Hawes
As a Warriors fan, you have to question drafting a big slow white guy as a lottery pick.

13) New Orleans – Nick Young
I love this guy. He is the most athletic player in the draft. Together he and Chris Paul will provide the most exciting backcourt in the league.

14) LA Clippers – Javaris Crittenton
Big point guard that has a long way to go.

15) Detroit – Rodney Stuckey
Smart pick for a smart team. This unknown player will make a name for himself in the NBA.

16) Washington – Al Thorton
They need size up front, but this guy will be a stiff.

17) New Jersey – Jason Smith
I hope this guy is off the board before the Warriors pick.

18) Warriors – Thaddeus Young
This is more of a hope than a prediction. I love this guy and think he will be great. Perfect player for Nellie. I can call him Nellie because B. Anthony smoked a cigar with him. Just please don’t draft a big slow white guy; Todd Fuller, Andrew DeClercq, Todd Fuller, Tim Young, Troy Murphy, Mike Dunleavy

Second round gold;
Big Baby – Glen Davis
D.J. Strawberry
Aaron Afflalo
Carl Landry
Herbert Hill


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