Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Warriors..... Come out to play..........!

warriors, nba champions......

come on people, get your head on straight...

they are a wonderful story, but does this really happen.....

not too often. They will get rolled tonight, and they will use excuses, like referees, conspiracy theory, we can't shoot free throws, and we thought we would make more than 8 out of 45 three-pointers tonight. But this will go to a deciding game 6 back in Oakland. I call this a deciding game 6 because if the Warriors don't win at home, they won't win in Dallas in a game 7.

I will stick with popular theory and say the Warriors will play a great game 6 and it will come down to the final 30 seconds. When Monta Ellis hits the baseline drive to take a 2 point lead, the question will be can they stop Dirk from hitting the game winning 3? I say yes.

Warriors advance, but Van Gundy will slow them down in the Semi-finals. Enjoy.


Mavs -9

Raptors -4.

Spurs and Suns will close out there series' in 5 games.

B. Anthony


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