Tuesday, October 30, 2007

NBA Season Preview

NBA preview 2007-2008

Let’s just welcome all the basketball starved readers back to the world of B. Anthony and Money. Clearly this is just a warm-up for college basketball, but we have a few weeks, so we might as well start picking games. Before I get into the season long predictions, let me give you the winners of tonight’s games to wet your whistle.

Spurs -13
will absolutely obliterate the Blazers. This team does not have Oden yet, and is just very young. Actually more that 6 years per player younger than the Spurs. This will be mismatch early.

Warriors -3.5 Too much momentum and anger from last year. Baron Davis will have 25 and 12 assists in a great opening night fun.

Rockets - 5.5 Kobe will put on a show, but they have no answer for Yao. This will be a long season for the Lakers. They might sneak into 8th place again, but they will lose consistently to the class of the league. ( line updated at 2:58pm PST)

Western Conference
1. Dallas- Back with a vengeance, and not worried about the Warriors finishing 8th
2. San Antonio- They will slowly wear everyone down, and look like a possible repeat
3. Jazz- They just win games, and Williams and Boozer are becoming an awesome combo.
4. Phoenix- The fun will continue, but a couple injuries will slow them down throughout the year, and they won’t win enough games to crack the top 3.
5. Houston, getting better every year. Some of the new young guards will help, and you can’t teach 7-6
6. Warriors- Very good and moving up the league, but this league are just too much. They will be battling all year to not finish 6th or 7th, knowing they will face Utah or San Antonio. If it is possible, they may tank to finish 8th, or make a late run at Houston to finish 5th.
7. Denver- Another talented team that could win the East, but will have several highlights throughout the year, only to battle San Antonio in the finals and succumb to the inevitable.
8. Lakers- Just fun to watch them implode in the playoffs again. Not even sure this will happen if they trade Kobe after the all-star break. If they do trade Kobe, look for the Clippers to surprise even with out Elton Brand.

Final Four in West:
San Antonio vs Houston
Dallas vs Warriors: It just happens. I don’t know how. It is good for ratings.
San Antonio over Dallas
San Antonio wins it all, no one watches. ( No one wants to believe this, but this is just the way it is!)

Eastern Conference:
It is hard to put in as much time for this league, given the lack of talent and competition.

1. Detroit- Deep talented, Tashaun Prince will be their leader.
2. Chicago- Young and not likely to get injured, so many wins will come.
3. Orlando- Dwight Howard will rip the rim off of a basket this year. I love his game, and this is way too high for this team, but I like all the points that Rashad Lewis will add.
4. Cleveland- Lebron will do his thing, but he doesn’t have enough help. Greatest team to go watch on the road. Amazing how the groupies show up for Bron’Bron
5. Washington- The big 3 will put up some big numbers, and Gilbert might get 65 in a game this year!
6. Boston- With the Atlantic so weak, Boston will win a lot of games, but no one in this conference will really win 50 games, so it will all be close. They will be fun to watch, and will make noise in the playoffs.
7. Toronto- Chris Bosh, could be the best lefty in the world!!!! (Sorry to Michael Redd, Manu Ginobli, and Michael Beasley) if you don’t know the third player, this is why you read my column for your basketball picks!
8. New Jersey- I just like Kidd too much not to put him in the playoffs. Shaq is retired, he just doesn’t know it yet. There is nothing left in Miami. Sorry D-Wade.

Final Four in East
Detroit vs Cleveland
Chicago vs Boston
Detroit vs Boston
Detroit advances to get crushed by the West.
Lebron will get this award on athletic ability and highlights alone. It is his turn.

Rookie of the Year: Kevin Durant, Numbers will be overwhelming:
2nd place to Al Horford- Only true pro from Florida!

Off the wall pick (Steven Lasme will contribute for the Warriors this year!)

Enjoy, as the NBA will only be covered for a few weeks until NCAA hoops starts. And then again in June for the playoffs!

B. Anthony


Blogger Money said...

Nice work B! The Warriors have huge expectations based on what they did last year. This will be tough to match. For me, just keep me interested, which they did during the playoffs.

You really love Lasme. I owe you lunch. He should not have made the team and was a wasted pick. Herbert Hill and DJ strawberry were still on the board

11:43 AM  
Blogger B. Anthony said...

Just wait and see. When Barnes blows out his knee and enjoys his new salary, Lasme will be the glue that holds this team together. You can never overestimate glue. See Bruce Bowen and Robert Horry. DJ will be pretty good, nice knowledge on your draft day pick.

1:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey "not so" Money. I understand your "hero" strategy of making obscure picks like Orlando to win the most games in the East but how about going above 50% on your picks. I am surprised you didn't pick Baron Davis to win the MVP. Or were there too many other idiots out there already making that call for you to put your "not so" money backing behind it?

11:50 AM  
Anonymous Jimmy Prior said...

That sounds like a voice of reason from the PAL right there. Keep these WCAL swishers in check. How will a backcourt of JJ Redick and Nelson stop anyone?

2:39 PM  

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