Saturday, October 27, 2007

A note to a "Friend"

Last night I was out with a friend. Here is how part of the conversation went.

Friend: “Don’t text me your picks. You are horrible and I want nothing to do with you.”
Money: “You may have a point, that we should have nothing to do with each other, but sometimes my picks will be good, like picking Devin Hester to score the first touchdown in the superbowl or the Rockies to win the NL pennant and sometimes they will be bad, like last week. I should just be used as a sounding board and I hope all of my subscribers use this information wisely and carefully.”
Friend: “I hate you.”

So, I have decided not to text or call my friend with my picks, but rather just post a note to him on the Truth.

Dear Bill
There are a few rules about gambling that I will share will

1) Never bet with your heart
2) Don’t bet angry
3) Never bet on a game involving the Raiders or UCLA. You will always be on the wrong side
4) If you gamble, you will always be a loser.
5) Don’t bet on games out of convenience, you will lose them.

There are probably other rules that apply to sports gambling, but these just stick out in my head.

Here are my picks for the weekend.

I hate you too.


PENN STATE +4 vs. Ohio state - I really want OSU to lose. They are not the best team in the country.
LOUISVILLE -9.5 vs. Pitt - Blowout
OREGON -3 vs. USC – Take the over (60) in the one as well.
SOUTH FLORIDA -4 @ Uconn - Not at all impressed with 6-1 Uconn
Texas A&M +3 vs. Kansas – Another overrated team
ASU-3 vs. Cal – My Anti Cal bet. Tedford loses 3 times in a row!!!!!
NEW MEXICO ST +27.5 @ Hawaii – New Mexico state can score too.

RAMS +3 vs. Browns – Finally starting to get healthy
BENGALS +3.5 vs. Steelers – I love home dogs
RAIDERS +7.5 @ Titans - See rule above


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