Tuesday, November 06, 2007

College Hoops is Here

B. Anthony will try to leave out all the hyperbole of Dick Vitale, but this is an exciting week, with many top teams playing Friday night!

This will be a brief introduction with more to follow:

Memphis will be my horse this year, and they may flirt with an undefeated season. Derrick Rose is already one of the top 3 players in college basketball, and he will lead the way. The best thing about this team is that they can actually dance, so when they are on CBS April 2nd, they won't look like a bunch of freshman at their first homecoming dance!!!!!!!

This will be another great year for the Freshman.

Michael Beasley will own the Big 12
Eric Gordon will own the Big 10
OJ Majo and Kevin Love will fight over the Pac 10, but Washington State will win the league with their consistency.

Biggest disappointment of the year will be Georgetown. Jeff Green was everything for them. Hibbert is huge but 7-2 only can do som much when he doesn't handle the ball!

Kanas and North Carolina will have some impressive runs, but they both have so much talent, it will get in their way.

Look for UCLA to not make it back to the Final Four, that is just too tough to do it 3 years in a row.

VCU will do another dirty number on their league and will get to the sweet 16 again, along with Southern Illinois.

Much, much more to follow about college hoops, as well as some in depth B. Anthony information.

If you can find a Memphis line, play them tonight.

Go against Kentucky at -28 points tonight, just too many.

B. Anthony


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