Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Follow the MONEY brick Road

B. Anthony is fighting through a semi- slump, but luckily he has hitched his trailer to Money!

Some of my favorite teams are out there again tonight, and we will jump back on the horse!

St. Mary's +4.5 vs Oregon. Trap game for the Ducks at a sold out McKeon Pavillion. About 4500 people, but loud. This will put Randy Bennett and the Gaels on the map and they are ready for it. Take the Home Dog.

Drexel +10 vs Virginia. This is a good team from the rising Colonial league. Virginia is a one-trick pony with Singletary, and they will not be able to separate from an experienced Drexel team!

Memphis -26.5 vs Arkansas State- This is just a team that knows how to blow people out. If you can find a first half play, they will surely be up by 20 by the break! Lay the big number!

Yale +18 vs Stanford. Yale is not Harvard. I hate Stanford because of the Lopez twins, so this is probably an emotional play, but I am going to count it on my record, so play away!

Good Gaming,

B. Anthony

YTD- 14-13


Anonymous The Hawk said...

You're right, B Anthony. Yale did not beat Mercer by 20 last week like Harvard did! The great Dick Kuchen would have thrown this game for $500, but even with him gone, Stanford still does a blowout special. No Emerson Whitley around to prevent it.

8:45 AM  
Anonymous Hosea Patton said...

I like the Utah call. I don't know about Yale. They did lose by 46 to Arizona St. Jimmie Prior and I watched the Stanford Harvard game and saw first hand how bigger, stronger and faster can win by 40 plus easy.(I'm sure the same thing was evident at Arizona St.)

10:16 AM  
Anonymous Mark Fainaru-Wada and Lance Williams said...

I saw dirty Ernie Kent hitting on co-eds in Walnut Creek last night?

10:25 AM  

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