Thursday, November 29, 2007

Its a battle out there

Gaming is tough, and more than one of you out there just wants an undefeated night or two to put you out in front. B. Anthony wants that as well. If you are treading water, or slightly ahead you are in good shape. These days will come, and today may be one of them!

Some of my favorite covering teams are at it again tonight.

Air Force -7 vs Northern Colorado. NCU may have a few athletes, but not the discipline to defend this team. They are coming off a tough game against Wash. St. This will make anybody seem like an easy game.

USC - 6 vs Oklahoma- This Trojan team is playing great defense and has at least 3 NBA players on the court. They will continue to roll!

Gonzaga +1 at St. Joseph's- This game is huge for RPI, and Mark Few takes this seriously. I expect a great performance and a road win for the Zags!

B. Anthony
ytd- 30-26

I like Michael Beasley scoring 25+ tonight vs Oregon, but don't want to touch the game!


Blogger Money said...

I love the Zags pick! They won't lose.

3:19 PM  

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