Sunday, December 02, 2007

Great Sunday!

Money won't toot his own horn, but I think he gave some pretty good football ideas yesterday!

We have some huge early season match-ups today in college hoops. So lets pick some winners.

Texas +10.5 vs UCLA. Great game, time for an upset. Texas is loaded with talent and a great point guard. Collison is not up to speed yet. Enjoy, take the points in a barn-burner.

Kansas-3vs USC. Trojans have been playing great, but this is Allen Fieldhouse, they are not quite ready yet. I do love the Pac-10 this year, so it is odd I am picking against both these teams!
By the way, these are all TV games, and not highly recommended if you are trying to make a comeback from yesterday. (Small play and enjoy the game)

Arizona -2 vs Texas A&M. Watch for some big dunks by DeAndre Jordan, but Arizona is playing much better defense and will win at home!

Good Gaming!

B. Anthony
34-33-2 (oops, must be time for a run)


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