Saturday, December 08, 2007

Saturday, Gala of Games!

B. Anthony wants to keep you as informed as possible and today is a great hoops day with many possibilities. We will provide you with many winners!

Bounce Back Games:
all 2* picks

UCLA -13 vs Davidson. Bruins hungry at home after a loss, too much defense!

New Mexico -11 vs San Diego. Home cooking for Lobos, too many athletes for WCC team

Gonzaga -18 vs CS Northridge. Following a home loss to WSU, the Zags look to get their confidence back against a weaker opponent. Bouldin will not go 0-9 tonight

Rivalray Games 1* picks.

Kentucky +8.5 vs Indiana. Gordon is slightly ailing, Wildcats will play up to the level

Wright St. + 8 vs Butler. Wright St. has had Butlers number for 3 games in a row, I think they may lose game four, but it will be close.

Marquette +3 vs Wisconsin. Badgers are good at home, but this is a much more talented and experienced Marquette team. They will win at Wisconsin which says a lot!

Blow out Specials: 2*

Duke -22 vs Michigan. If you lose at Harvard, what do you do for an encore at Duke?

Kansas -22.5 vs Depaul. I don't know why this line isn't 30. Ray Meyer, Joey Meyer, and Terry Cummings haven't been at Depaul for Decades. Blow-out!!!!!!!

One more for a team you haven't heard about!

Kent State -3.5 vs George Mason. They will win handily against a good George Mason team. But Kent State is a tournament team and will continue to cover all year. Watch them closely!

If you can find a line on Drake vs Texas Pan-Am. That is a blowout as well. Anything less than 15 is a gift!

Good Luck

B. Anthony


Blogger Money said...

Good call on Kent State. I did not see that one coming but will check them out going forward. I like George Mason, making this an impressive victory.

8:35 AM  

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