Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Frenzy, Plethora of games!

Let's just dedicate today to making a lot of picks and following some teams that have been consistently covering!

We will try a new theory of picking today!

3* pick- Best of Day

2* pick- We like it, we will recommend it, solid reason to play this game

1* pick- Basically, we just want to have a reason to be on this game. The team has given us reason to play them because they seem to be covering more than half the time!

Drake -8.5 vs Iowa State. Very good Drake team, proven and will drill this Big 12 dud!. 3*

VCU- 13 vs William and Mary. Mit Winter is no longer able to go coast to coast with 3 dribbles and VCU's confidence is soaring after the win over Maryland! 2*

West Virginia -4.5 vs. Auburn. Huggins is doing something right, defense and anger is successful, he has it! 2*

Ball State +18.5 vs Purdue. Another game where the plucky underdog will stay in it! 2*

Washington State +3 vs Gonzaga. Great game, take the points. 1*

Duquense +5.5 vs Pittsburgh. Surprising pick, but this team is at home and they can play. Pitt is due for a lapse! 1*

Texas -18 vs North Texas. Too many athletes, and great point guard play. Play the team on a roll, even though common knowledge says they are due for a let down!1*

Northern Iowa -10.5 vs Iowa. Look at this line!!! They are begging you to take Iowa, don't do it! 1*

Good Gaming

B. Anthony
38-36-2 ytd (Improvement is needed and acknowledged!)


Blogger Money said...

I love the DRAKE

11:35 AM  
Anonymous The Hawk said...

The B Anthony "anger" theory makes its 2007-2008 debut!

8:48 PM  

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