Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Repeat Performance

B. Anthony will provide you some early games to look at for Thursday.

Washington St. +1 at USC. Good team playing some great Athletes and future pros. Take the boring pick WSU will still be undefeated before they go to Pauley on Saturday. They won't beat UCLA!

VCU -17.5 vs Georgia State. This is a blow-out special!

Oregon St +9.5 vs Stanford. The Beavers get stuffed at Maples, but they always compete well when they are in Corevallis. Go Beavers, take the points, as it may move up to double digits!


Blogger Money said...

I agree with your WSU call. Boring, but the right pick. UCLA should destroy the Huskies. There will be no defense played in Oregon between the Bears and the Ducks. Is there an over for that game? Both teams will score over 80 points.

5:39 PM  

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