Thursday, January 24, 2008

Thursday, PAC-10 A-10

The question has never truly been answered in my mind, so I will pose it to my readers. After going 7 of 8, do you jump in really heavy the next day? Or do you lay low, expecting the odds to revert to the mean?

For years, my theory has been to play the streak, but I would like to hear from you about what works in your experience.

The schedule is pretty full again tonight, and about 7 games jumped out at me this morning. I have been trying to whittle that number down to 3-4 games, and I think I have found tonights winners.

Best Play:

2.5* Dayton +11.5 at Xavier. Rivalry game for first place in the A-10. Xavier is very good at home, but you have to love the Flyers with all these points. (By the way, did anyone see what David West did to Portland in the first quarter last night?) He scored 16 of the first 20 points, as he dominated inside and out. A True Muskateer!

2* Davidson -23 vs The Citadel. Davidson is starting to hit their stride, and the Cadets at the Citadel are not only terrible, they have many other things on their mind. (See "The Lords of Discipline", Great 1980s movie). This will be over early, but Davidson needs to get their confidence back, so they will push it to 35 before the scrubs get in!

2* Washington St. +1.5 vs Arizona. Cougars are experienced and travel very well. This game will be a battle, but experience will overcome. WSU will win 71-68.

2* USC -8.5 vs Oregon State. A team that is based on confidence is riding high right now. The Beavers are in the shambles with a fired coach. It could be over early if Jefferson throws down some early dunks to demoralize the Corevallis crowd.

(others I looked at: Va Tech +9 vs Duke, I wanted 12-13, so I stayed away. UCLA -4 vs Oregon, just not sure which UCLA team shows up. ASU -5 vs Washington. This could be a blowout that sends the Huskies packing, but ASU at Stanford showed too many signs of immaturity.) If I had to play these games, the highlighted teams would be my pick. But these are not on the recommended list.

Good Luck,

B. Anthony
ytd 91-73-2


Blogger Money said...

If you go 7 for 8, there is no way you can stop. Will you have success tonite? I doubt it based on the law of averages and the gambling Gods, but I hope you do. I am still amazed about your evening last night.
I will be posting something soon, but I am against you on a couple games, namely Dayton. They are without two of thier top four scorers, Wright and Little (broke his foot in the last game). I don't think I take Xavier, but Dayton would not be a top play for me.

10:07 AM  

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