Friday, February 13, 2009

Keep them Coming

West Virginia -4.5 vs Villanova. Home cooking and Huggins defense will prevail.

Butler -13 vs UIC. Butler will get healthy with a great defensive effort

Harvard 14.5 vs Cornell. Big number for Ivy league. Plus the Crimson have been hurting me all year. Due to come through.

No great games this weekend, but all hoops is great this time of year. UCLA and Arizona will put on a show in the desert.

Look for Cal to get revenge on the Tree on Saturday as well.

b. anthony

Thursday, February 12, 2009


March Madness is officially in countdown mode. I know, 4 weeks seems like a long countdown, but we live for this. The masses are crying for more picks, and everyone wants to be warm going into the tournament.

We all know that this is an impossibility, and we remember well the stories of those who played themselves out of contention before the trip even arrived. But with a new year becomes renewed hope and possibilities. Especially in this year of hope, let's plan on finally turning the corner against our books!!!!

As Money mentioned, B. Anthony will pick the more obscure games!!! The battle has been, can I post several games, and not bet on all of them? Reality is..... no. So I am on all four of these games.

Louisville- 4 vs ND. Can't help but agree with Money. ND has no winning ways right now. Defense is bad and heart seems to be gone.

Niagara -8.5 vs Canisius. Back on their winning ways after a few non covers. Still covering at 75% plus clip this year!

West Coast Mismatches for T-Bone

Santa Clara -8.5 vs Pepperdine. Broncos have quietly run of 6 straight, tonight will make it 7. Too much Big Country in the Middle!

Portand -4 vs USF. Portland, led by Ravio(winning is in his blood), will bury USF. They have lost their drive, and Coach Walters is just looking forward to having his own guys! I wish him luck, but they lose again tonight on the hill in front of 525 fans!!!

Good Gaming.

B. Anthony

It's time to get in shape

Money is getting soft. I have been sitting around watching football, eating pringles and drinking milk. We are 4 weeks away from some serious action so it is time to get in shape. That means, I will be going on a strict diet of Coors light, buffalo wings and college basketball bets only.

I typically leave the Niagara and Wright state bets to B. Anthony. I am more focused on the top 25 teams, the TV games and the Pac 10. Thus my picks will reflect that. I will try to post as often as I can, but my comments will be brief.

Good luck!

LOUISVILLE -3.5 @ Notre Dame
At some point ND will win some games, but it won't happen against this team.

UCLA -1 vs. Arizona State
UCLA is playing great now and getting them at -1 is a gift. UCLA is turning out to be better than I thought.

GONZAGA -4 @ Saint Mary's
The Zags were embarrassed at home by Memphis. Important game for SMC, but they are just simply not the same team without Mills.