Friday, October 27, 2006

Dancing with the Kenny Loggins

I have to admit. I was so bored with the World Series Game 2 between the Tigers and Cardinals on Tuesday night that I started surfing for something better to watch. I flipped over to ABC and stumbled across “Dancing with the Stars.” I did not keep it there long, but it did bring me back to my high school days. I was quite a dancer in my youth. My favorite dance was the “slow” dance. Sometimes I was just so jazzed to be on the dance floor that I would just dance by myself, bending my knees, swinging my elbows and clapping my hands. It was like nobody else was in the gymnasium except me and Kenny Loggins.

But after 20 seconds of watching Joey Lawrence’s shaved head bounce around, I came to a couple of conclusions:
1) He is a great dancer!
2) I need a new hobby.
3) This is the worst World Series I have ever watched.

I am not alone. America has spoken. More people watched Dancing with the Stars than the World Series. End the season already. And kill all the dancers too.

Thank goodness for football. There were some great games last weekend, with a nice slate this weekend too. One thing that sticks out in my mind is how overrated the NFC East is. All we hear about is TO and who is throwing him the ball, or Donavan McNabb barfing again between plays, or the fantastically overpaid coaching staff in Washington or Tiki Barber and how he and his white teeth plan to retire. I am so sick of these teams. The Giants are the only team that will make the playoffs and they are not very good. Dallas will be lucky to go 8-8. The Eagles have one the easiest schedule in the NFL and they are one game over .500. Washington is just an embarrassment. Bet against any NFC East team whenever you get a chance.

College picks;

OREGON STATE +11.5 vs. usc
This is never an easy place to play for anybody.

GA TECH -5.5 vs. Miami
The Yellow jackets have to prove that they are somebody

NORTHWESTERN +30 @ Michigan
Michigan is preparing for the Ohio State game, which comes after 3 cupcake games. They just don’t want to get hurt.

Evening parlay: I love watching college football at night. I don’t know why, but the games are always exciting. Maybe it is just easier for me to sit down and watch them. Whatever the reason is, put money on them and make it more exciting.

TEXAS -11 @ texas tech
WASHINGTON +1.5 vs. Arizona state
SOUTH CAROLINA +3.5 vs. Tennessee

NFL picks: All dogs, and I love them.

CARDINALS +4 @ packers

BUCANEERS +9.5 @ giants

RAMS +9.5 @ chargers

COLTS +2.5 @ broncos

JETS +1.5 @ browns

RAIDERS +9 vs. steelers