Friday, April 04, 2008

3 more games

Basketball season is winding down with two great games on Saturday and the final showdown on Monday. I always hate this time of year, but the good news is that baseball season has started. I will publish my thoughts on the upcoming MLB season sometime next week after we find out who our National Champion is.

Before we move on to the picks, I have some breaking news to announce; Espn is reporting that Cal has hired Mike Montgomery. I like this hire. I was pulling hard for Jamie Dixon, but I guess he was not interested in coming back to California and coaching the Bears. I do think Monty is a good pickup. He is a bit old so he won’t be coaching at Cal for 12 years like Braun, but he will get these guys into the NCAA tournament again. Hopefully, we can get one year more out of Ryan Anderson, but I doubt it. He has made himself available for the draft, but has not hired an agent. Right now he is projected around a late first round pick.

I know my flaws. I am a horrible gambler when I am down, even if it ten bucks. I also stick to my gut too long even when I know it is not the right call. So truth be told, I really want Kansas and UCLA to win these games on Friday. I like both teams and the biggest reason is that I will lock down first or second place in my big pool. If UCLA beats Kansas then Money will get second place. If Kansas beats UCLA, then Hannah Montana (I did this pool for my daughters) wins. So I am jaded. But as we all know, the game is about the matchups.

MEMPHIS -2 vs. Ucla
The matchup here to watch is Collison versus Rose. I am a huge believer in Collison and there is no one I would rather have with the ball with 10 seconds left in a tie game than him. But, Rose is a freak and has four inches on him and has elevated his game during the tournament to what I believe will be the number one pick in the NBA draft. Collison will still get his points, and so will Love. I predict between the two of them they have 45 points. I will give 4 dunks to Westbrook for 8 points, 6 for Luc Richard and 7 to Shipp. No reserves will score. They may not even play. That gives the Bruins 66 points. While Memphis is not a great three point shooting team, they will certainly launch them. Their speed and depth will prove to be too much and unfortunately send the Bruins home packing. If Josh Shipp decides he wants to play, he will be the difference maker if the Bruins expect to win.

Memphis 70 Ucla 66 (I guess this means I like the over too at 133.5)

KANSAS +3 vs. North Carolina
I am sticking with Kansas for a couple of reasons. I think too many people and the Vegas line are taking into account the last game played by each team. UNC was fabulous against Louisville. They beat a great team and Hansbrough was terrific. He was stepping out and hitting 20 footers with defenders jumping out at him. That is not his game and he won’t do that again, nor should he. His game is in the post, getting banged and throwing up shots from his hip. I think Hansbrough will have a tough time against Kansas. They will throw 4 different bodies at him and will try to make his life miserable. While UNC looked great, Kansas looked awful. They were playing a tough Cinderella team in Davidson that had nothing to lose. Davidson was relaxed and played great. KU was feeling the heat and playing like a team that did not want to reach the final four. But, Kramer missed a last second shot and KU advances and Self can exhale. Things will be different in San Antonio and Kansas will play like Kansas.

Kansas 72 UNC 64 – I like the under (160) in the game a lot. Kansas is a defensive team first.

Enjoy the games!


Thursday, April 03, 2008

Fantastic Four

The time has finally come for the end of our season, and what a great way to finish it.

It seldom happens this way, but the four best teams are playing their best ball. Over the past few years, we have had to watch UCLA muck up the tournament with Ugly ball. Funny how Ugly and UCLA sound and look alike! I am hoping and confident it won't happen this year.

The games:

Memphis -2 vs UCLA. I am taking the Tigers to carry on. They are playing with supreme confidence, and Derrick Rose is able to take and make a shot whenever he wants. If UCLA puts Westbrook on him, CDR will go off, and if/when Westbrook switches off Rose, Rose will be too strong for Collison, and too quick for Shipp. This will be a fantastic game, and this UCLA team is not as likely to play ugly ball vs Memphis. Memphis' defense will be the difference. The Bruins have shown a propensity to turn the ball over, which will lead to many easy Memphis baskets and that confident swagger that propels them to greatness. I do feel bad for UCLA, but they just don't have enough to get over the hump, again! Shipp is not a good enough scorer to compliment the great point guard and post play. They lose this one, and it may not even be close during the middle of the game. It will become clear that Rose is the best player on the court!

UNC -3 vs Kansas!!! All I can say here is athlete city! I hope no one tries to slow this one down. They should be playing 4 twelve minute quarters with the old NBA defensive rules here. The difference making in this game will once again be Psycho T. I don't even like this guy, but he has done enough to turn me around. He simply will get too many easy put backs in a game that is this fast. Ty Lawson is the fastest of the fast in this game. I expect him to have double digits in assists. Have fun with this one, and pray for no foul trouble to muck it up!!!

Money and I have missed you and apologize for our short abscence!!!

Good Gaming,

B. Anthony!

I will back tomorrow to tell you about the Memphis vs UNC Game. ' Heels will be favored by 1 point, and Memphis will relish the role as an underdog!!!!!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Four number 1's?

We may have our first four number 1 seed Final four bracket. They would all be deserving.

MEMPHIS -3.5 vs. Texas
Close game that will be won at the free throw by Memphis? I expect Texas to play well for about 36. They will get down 10 points during those 4 minutes and that will be the end of them.

KANSAS -9.5 vs. Davidson
I just can't see them going any farther. KU is too good offensively, defensively and talent wise for this game to be close.