Friday, February 26, 2010

No more betting on Pac 10

I am throwing in the towel on the Pac 10. It is the conference I watch the most, yet I know the least about it. I can’t predict any of these teams from game to game. They all have multiple personalities and it is a total guess trying to figure out who is going to show up from game to game.

I keep waiting for Kentucky to fall down during this tough road stretch of games, but they don’t. I am inclined to pick Tennessee at home, but I won’t. Kentucky keeps it rolling

KENTUCKY -2 @ Tennessee

Is anyone going to stop Kansas in the Big 12? Nope. Not even the sweet shooting James Anderson of Oklahoma State.

KANSAS -5 @ Oklahoma State

Sticking with the other number one seed, I think it will be awfully tough to beat Syracuse in the dome. Villanova will have to play perfect basketball, which they have not been doing lately.

SYRACUSE -6 vs. Villanova

The battle for the best teams in the West, and no, this game does not include any Pac 10 teams. BYU vs. New Mexico. I think BYU could be a sneaky play for a great 8 spot, if the brackets fall their way. As such, I am taking them and their home court which is near perfect over the last few years.

BYU -8 vs. New Mexico

Other games of interest;

Gonzaga -17 vs. Usf
Cincinnati +15 @ West Va
Wake Forrest -10 vs. North Carolina
Georgia -1 vs. Florida
Texas A&M pk vs. Texas

Good luck!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Look ahead Thursday

Cal and Arizona State might be playing for the Pac 10 championship on Saturday. On the other hand, they might not. Knowing how inconsistent the Pac 10 has been this year, I put the probability at VERY HIGH that one or both of these schools will lose tonight. This would be so typical of Cal’s season for them to lose this game.

Likely Outcome; Cal playing for a national audience will play inspired, focused, basketball for 34 minutes. In the remaining 6 minutes where they stop defending and launch one footed fade away 3 point jump shots they will find a way to squander their just 20 point lead and beat Arizona by 9 points.

ARIZONA +11.5 @ Cal

However, a case could be made that Stanford is playing the best basketball of anyone in the Pac 10 right now. Landry Fields is the best player in the conference and the cardinal will have the two best players on the court and a rowdy crowd pumping them up. I see an upset tonight in Maples as the Cardinal redeem themselves from their blowout loss earlier in the year.

STANFURD +2.5 vs. Asu

Other Pac 10 games:
U$C -11 vs. Oregon
OREGON STATE +5.5 @ Ucla

Do you hear about Robbie Hummel? Torn ACL, out for the year. That's too bad. Purdue had a nice team, but now can kiss the final four and a possible national championship goodbye.

Good luck!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Bubble watch games

In hindsight, some of these games seem so obvious. At this point in the season, it really comes down to motivation and desperation. It is amazing to see how one night a team sucks and the next they look like world champions. Finding these motivated teams is what gives us an edge. I think there are a lot of games out there tonight that I like but I am narrowing it down to two.

DAYTON+4 @ Temple – Dayton has to win this game if they expect to get into the tournament. Their last 6 losses have been by 4 or less points. Moneyline is good play here too.

SDSU +8 @ Byu – Same thing with the Aztecs. They win this game, they are in the tournament. Byu likely won’t, but may look ahead to the big showdown with New Mexico this weekend.

The above two represent my MONEY makers. I also like these games as well.

MINNESOTA +3 vs. Purdue
MISSISSIPPI -9 vs. Auburn
VILLANOVA -12.5 vs. Usf

Good luck!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Desperate Home Dogs

This is the best bet in the world. It truly does not get any better than this and we have one tonight. In fact Jerome Dyson even said so;

"At this point, we're desperate," Dyson said. "We've got to win. That's our main goal right now is to take it one game at a time and play as hard as possible."

This game will be won at the point guard position and Uconn has the advantage there. Throw in the fact that UConn has won all 7 games at home between these two teams and we have ourselves a nice bet.

UCONN +3 vs. West Virginia

Good luck!