Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Bubble watch games

In hindsight, some of these games seem so obvious. At this point in the season, it really comes down to motivation and desperation. It is amazing to see how one night a team sucks and the next they look like world champions. Finding these motivated teams is what gives us an edge. I think there are a lot of games out there tonight that I like but I am narrowing it down to two.

DAYTON+4 @ Temple – Dayton has to win this game if they expect to get into the tournament. Their last 6 losses have been by 4 or less points. Moneyline is good play here too.

SDSU +8 @ Byu – Same thing with the Aztecs. They win this game, they are in the tournament. Byu likely won’t, but may look ahead to the big showdown with New Mexico this weekend.

The above two represent my MONEY makers. I also like these games as well.

MINNESOTA +3 vs. Purdue
MISSISSIPPI -9 vs. Auburn
VILLANOVA -12.5 vs. Usf

Good luck!


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