Friday, February 05, 2010

Saturday in February

Pray for rain so we don't feel guilty watching hoops all day.

10 plays total. 3 biggest plays in green for $$$$.

West Virginia -6.5 at St. Johns. Huggins team is improving this late in the year, if two teams stumble, they may end up as a #1 seed.

Georgetown -3.5 at Home vs Villanova. Time for Nova' to have their loss. Hope the line moves down to 2.5.

Kstate -4.5 @ Iowa St.. Iowa St. has not been the same since the deserted left for Germany. Don't even want to look up his name.

UAB -8 @ Rice. I am a fan of uptempo games with better athletes. Despite the point guard play of Bryan Beasley for Rice.

Gonzaga +4 @ Memphis. Gonzaga is tested and has played several of these games in the past, this is new territory for the Memphis players. Rebounding is the key in this match up, plus Memphis is too stubborn to double Harris, he goes off.

Clemson +2 @ Va Tech. Va tech can't enjoy success, they will lose this one.

Colorado + 4 vs Missouri @ boulder. Buffs battle, will win outright.

Texas -7 @ Oklahoma. OU is a bad team, despite having some good players

Kansas-21 v Nebraska. Nebraska is terrible. They buck every trend, will let KU have a laugher.

St. Mary’s -17 vs USF. Dons back to reality, no answer for Samhan, and the 3's will rain when they double down. Gaels shoot it well at home.

B. Anthony


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