Saturday, October 24, 2009


I rotate every week from sucking and then doing well. I spared you the sucking last week, but will deliver the goods for you this week.


UCONN +7.5 @ West Va
The huskies will be ready to play inspired ball in memory of their fallen player.

ARKANSAS +6.5 @ Mississippi
Not impressed with Snead and Co.

WASHINGTON +10 vs. Oregon
Huskies are in every game they play.

One game does not mean Cal is "back". They still suck at QB.

ARIZONA -7.5 vs. Ucla
The best team I know nothing about.

MISSISSIPPI State +22.5 vs. Florida
Stop waitig for Florida to wake up and start spanking people. Just not going to happen.

OREGON STATE +21.5 vs. Usc
USC coming off the big Notre Dame game and looking ahead to Oregon next week. They never play well versus the little guys.


CHIEFS +5 vs. San Diego
? - San Diego is not worthy of getting points on the road.

PITTSBURGH -5.5 vs Minn
The Favre magic stops here against a physical defense. Hair Palamalu is back.

MIAMI +7 vs. Saints
I read somewhere that the saints have never won in Miami. Never!

Good luck!


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