Monday, April 06, 2009


I hate to say it, but tonite’s game is going to suck, unless you take UNC and the points and don’t want the stress of a close game. I am really impressed with Michigan State’s run through the tournament, and even more impressed with B. Anthony’s preseason pick to win it all this year. Yes, he took Michigan State.

I think there are a couple of ways that MSU can beat UNC and I will get to those in a minute. But I totally agree with Izzo. If UNC and MSU both play well, UNC will win. Yes, this is a ploy from Izzo to get the most out of his players, but it is also true. MSU has taken people out of their game and ultimately those teams have played poorly throughout this tournament. Did you see how many times MSU ran the ball up the court sprinting past Thabeet? They got to the basket before he was even under it. MSU could still disrupt UNC’s style tonite, but I don’t think it will happen. In fact, I think the air comes out of the balloon quickly in this one. Has there been a close competitive game involving UNC in this tournament yet? Not really. The LSU game was the only one that was close and UNC still won by 14.

Here is how MSU can pull off the upset;
1) Use their big men to get Tyler and the rest of the frontcourt in foul trouble. UNC is not a very deep team. They basically play 7, maybe 8 people. This has to be the focus of Izzo; get UNC in foul trouble. This is their only chance.
2) Shoot the ball well. This goes without saying, but MSU has to have a good shooting night from the 3 point line. This is something they did not do well on Saturday and did not do well the last time these two teams met.
3) Home crowd. All the UConn and Villanova tickets have likely gone to locals, so the home crowd will be like no other in an NCAA championship game.
Will any of this matter? No. North Carolina is a far superior team who is clicking on all cylinders right now. I would love to see an MSU victory, but I see absolutely no way that MSU can go “toe to toe” with UNC. This game will be one of the most boring championship games we have seen in a while.

NORTH CAROLINA -7.5 vs. Michigan State
UNC is a far superior team than MSU. They have a great team, with few flaws and are healthy now. They have had a great year and have had a target on their back all year. Everyone's pick to win it all this year, will be cutting the nets down tonite.

Final score UNC 85 MSU 67
I guess that means I like the under too. I hate taking totals, especially unders.

Good luck!


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