Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Day 2- Friday's 16

I have not yet made a final analysis if Thursday or Friday as better options. But keep some of your bank available for Friday. Here are the predictions for Friday!

(all times are Vegas time, as that is what matters)
Morning Session 9:15-9:30am

9:15 Stephen F. Austin +13 vs Syracuse. I can't remember my last week long hangover, but Syracuse will have one. Their zone will be effective, but Austin can shoot the 3 well. This will be a game that Syracuse will win, but they will take a long time to get out of their funk, I like the points. (2*, mayb e 3* if line gets closer to 15)

9:25 Tennessee +2 vs Oklahoma St. I will not be playing this game, because I am never on the right side of Tennessee. That being said, once I am off them, they will play great and roll. I like the Over in this game, no matter how high it goes! (1*)

9:30 Kansas -10 vs North Dakota St. This is a nice story, and North Dakota has a "Paulson look-alike" named Woodside who will light it up early. Eventually Kansas will wear them down and win by double digits. May be a lean to ND St. in first half, but Kansas for the game. (2*)

9:30 Marquette -4 vs Utah St. This will be a good game for a while, but Marquette is still a much faster, stronger, and angrier team. They want to prove they can still win with out James. They did lose 5 of 6, but who would have done better vs Pitt, Uconn, Louiville, Syracuse, Nova. They still advance. McNeal is still one of my favorites. (3*)

11:45-12:00 Mid-day!

11:45- Temple +5 vs Arizona St. This Sun Devil team knows how to play close games. They have no problem going up by 15 and then letting their opponent back in. I think Harden is best player on the court, so ASU advances, but this will be a close game. (2*)

11:55 Pitt -20.5 vs East Tennessee St. Pit will flex their muscles early in this game, and when they create some space, Sam Young will look the part of a future NBA all-star. I see this as a good chance for them to get some swagger back. (3*)

12:00 Dayton +8.5 vs West Virginia. Two very solid teams. The Big East experience will give W. VA the win, but this is too many points. This game will seldom be in double digits. (2*)

12:00 Missouri -13 vs Cornell. The pressure that Missouri will bring will be too much for the Big Red. You just can't simulate this, and the turnovers will add up in the final 10 minutes. Missouri by 18-25 points. ( 3*)

Afternoon 4:00-4:25

4:10. Utah+1 vs Arizona. Arizona cannot play a complete game and execute when it counts. Utah wins this one. And the complaining goes on, why are they in the tournament? Why are they favored! (3*)

4:25-Portland St. +11.5 vs Xavier. Portland St. has beaten Gonzaga this year, and Xavier does not overwhelm athletically. This will be a good game, decided by Portland St. 's ability to clean up the defensive glass. I like the points a lot. This will be decided by less than 5. ( 3*)

4:20 USC +2.5 vs Boston College. USC is finally healthy and playing up to the potential they have. Many great athletes on the court, but Derozan if finally attacking the rim and scoring in mid-range. If he stays away from the 3-point line, Trojans win handily. (4*)

Louisville- No line as of now, I will take the Cards up to -27. Too much defense and too many weapons. Plus their bench will build on the lead!

Night Games- 6:40pm-6:55pm

6:40- Siena +3.5 vs Ohio St. Anti- Big ten play. Siena is experience and solid all around. They have a good chance to win this outright. (2*)

6:40pm Cleveland St. +8.5 vs Wake Forest. I like the defense and the experience of the Vikings vs the incredible athleticism and youth of Wake. If Cleveland St. can stay away from that one big spurt they may win this game. But they will cover even if the spurt comes! (3*)

6:50 Michigan St -17 vs Robert Morris. Spartans are due to blow someone out. They are slightly underrated going into this tourney and they know how win big when they are stronger athletically.

6:55 Florida St. -3 vs Wisconsin. Too much Tony Douglas. I see him going for 30 despite Wisconsin's best efforts. Another example of ACC dominating the Big Ten. (3*)

Good Luck,

B. Anthony


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