Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Conference tournament predictions and other thoughts

With the conference tournaments starting up today and tomorrow, we thought it would be a good idea for B. Anthony and Money to make some predictions on who will win these tournaments as well as throw in a few dark horse teams. You might find a team that pays some decent odds to win their championship and throw a few bucks down on them.
Here we go.

ACC (Georgia Dome)
B. Anthony Champ: Wake Forest – Sleeper: Florida State
Money Champ: UNC – Sleeper: Florida State – Super Sleeper: Miami

Big East (Madison Square Garden)
B. Anthony Champ: Pitt – Sleeper: Villanova – Super Sleeper: Syracuse
Money Champ: Louisville – Sleeper: Georgetown

Big 12 (Oklahoma City)
B. Anthony Champ: Oklahoma – Sleeper: Texas
Money Champ: Kansas – Sleeper: Oklahoma state

Big Ten (Conseco Field House)
B. Anthony Champ: Purdue – Sleeper: Wisconsin
Money Champ: Michigan State – Sleeper: Ohio State

SEC (St. Pete Times Forum)
B. Anthony Champ: Tennessee – Sleeper: Arkansas
Money Champ: Auburn – Sleeper: Florida

PAC 10 (Staples Center)
B. Anthony Champ: ASU – Sleeper: USC
Money Champ: Ucla – Sleeper Washington State

Money quick hitters
Everywhere I go, I am mobbed by adoring fans. “Who is your final four? Who are your dark horses picks?” Well everyone seems to have the same group of teams that can win it all; Pitt, Uconn, UNC, Oklahoma, Memphis, Louisville and Michigan State. Those are the obvious teams. What seems obvious to me as that we will likely have 2, at the most, of these teams fighting to cut the nets down in the Final Four. This tournament is going to be full of upsets and all of these teams have their flaws which will likely be exposed.
This is Money’s list of teams that will benefit and could land themselves in the Final Four with the right matchups and a few breaks.

Wake Forest

These next couple of weeks will be great!



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