Saturday, March 07, 2009

Short Memory

As a gambler, you have to have a short memory. Some team that f’d you one day will help you the next. You may also find that the team that just got you “caught up” and you are now eternally indebted to, will also have to bet against in the next game.

Don’t get married to any of these teams and have a very short memory. What was I saying? Oh yeah, gambling.

There are a ton of games today. I feel compelled to break them into three different groups; Favorite games, Opinion games and Bubble games. Take a look.

Favorite games

9am UCONN +3.5 @ Pitt
I think we all know the story here. Two great teams battling it out. Here is my take on this. I think Fields will be less than 100% since he banged his back in the last game. This will somehow play out and help UConn as they are quick and have more guards to throw at Fields. Also, Thabeet was embarrassed in the last game. I thought he played himself out of the lottery. He needs to play better and will. The last time these guys played was the Huskies first game without Dyson. They have had a lot of time to figure out how to play without him now.

11am TEXAS A&M +2 vs. Missouri
Missouri; my team. I predicted these guys in the final four a few months back and they were not even ranked. Now, let’s bet against them. Huge win at home vs. Oklahoma last week. Mizzu is great at home, haven’t lost, but the road is different. This is a must win game for A&M. Tigers take a cat nap in this one.

1pm KANSAS -8.5 vs. Texas
KU lost badly to Tech the other night. Chalk it up to a bad night. They rebound in a big way today and beat Texas by DD.

4:30 ARIZONA -6.5 vs. Stanford
Az has their backs against the wall. Stanford did well by winning their first road game in the Pac 10 on Thursday by beating ASU. Johnny Dawkins and Co. will be in Disneyland today celebrating their big victory from the other night.

Opinion games

11am SYRACUSE +5.5 @ Marquette
Emotional night for Marquette. Senior night. I am sure Dominic James will get a huge ovation, which may help them get out to an early lead. However, I am selling this puppy. Marquette is done.

1pm AUBURN -2 vs. Lsu
Auburn is going to make a deep run in their tournament to try and steal a big to the dance. The momentum starts now against a mediocre LSU team.

2:30 WASHINGTON -7 vs. Washington state
Regular season Pac 10 title on the line. The huskies rolled in Pullman and will do it again today.

5pm DAYTON -6 vs. Duquesne
Remember the short memory thing? I should get credit for just typing Ducane correctly.

Bubble games

9am MIAMI -8.5 vs. NC state
Dirty team that has to win. Going by B. Anthony’s theory, they have the best player on the court who won’t allow a loss.

9am MINNESOTA -4.5 vs. Michigan
I probably should not be posting this one as this is such a low level game, but a win is a win. Michigan is 2-8 on the road and will lose this important bubble game to the mighty Gopher.

11am FLORIDA -5.5 vs. Kentucky
Another game that we should run away from. Both teams are a mess right now, but Kentucky is worse. Both teams coming off bad losses. However, Florida has Calathes and he will make amends for the last game. I was tempted to put this game in my "Favorites" group but I needed more Bubble games. I like this game a lot.

You still with me?
How about this –

Good luck!


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