Saturday, February 28, 2009

Saturday games

MEMPHIS -23 vs. So Miss
Some bad blood exists between these guys.

FLORIDA STATE +1.5 vs. Clemson
FSU pulls the sweep in this much needed victory.

VA TECH +5.5 vs. Duke
Must win game for the Hokies.

OHIO STATE +10 vs. Purdue
Purdue wins but this game will be close. OSU has some very talented young players, more so though Purdue.

LSU +4.5 @ Kentucky
Kentucky will have more turnovers than assists.

Cal/Ucla game;
Exciting game at Berkeley with ESPN college game day in town. Reese Davis said this was the best venue they have been too. Impressive stuff. However, all of the analyist picked Cal to win. Kiss of Death!

I can sum up the game in one word; Jerome Randle will blow the game for Cal. That was actually 8 words. Randle will be so excited with the crowd and exposure, but he will make so many dumb mistakes that will cost the Bears dearly. I hope I am wrong on this one, but UCLA wins.

UCLA -2.5 @ Cal

Is Stanford really favored by -2.5 over USC. Thanks for that.
U$C +2.5 @ Stanford

Good luck!



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