Thursday, March 05, 2009

Getting them in early

I have a good feeling about these three games. I don’t think the lines are going to change much, so there is no desperation here, but I do know that I like these three games tonite.

SOUTH CAROLINA -1.5 vs. Tennessee
The Gamecocks may be the best team in a very weak SEC. Tennessee is still living on their name. Carolina will win this game at home.

DAYTON +10 @ Xavier
Two very good teams here. Dayton has not won in Xavier for a long time, but is 6-5 on the road. Not asking for a win, just a close game, which Dayton usually delivers.

ARIZONA -4 vs. Cal
I think Cal gets blown out here and this game in the second half is not very competitive as Montgomery will try and rest his “big three.” This game means a lot more to Arizona than it does Cal and when the Cats pull away, Monty will throw in the towel.

Good luck!



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