Sunday, March 08, 2009

Selection Sunday – One week away

This is fun now. Conference tournaments are in effect now. Pay attention to B. Anthony who has been on a roll with the smaller conference games. He has not been posting the victories, but he has been winning them.

There are a few games out there that I like, but nothing like the card yesterday. I feel the strongest about Portland and Michigan State.

MICHIGAN STATE -5.5 vs. Purdue
Sparty will look for revenge when Purdue hung the worst loss of the season on them. MSU is playing for a number 1 seed. I am still not sold on these guys, but they will beat Purdue by more than 6.

NORTH CAROLINA -8.5 vs. Duke
I am going to assume that Ty Lawson is healthy. I saw a report that he hurt his foot on Friday, but he should play. If he does, take UNC. If he is out, all bets are off as I am sure the line goes down. Either way, Duke won’t win though.

CLEMSON +5.5 @ Wake Forest
Both teams are good, and both teams are struggling a bit. Should probably take the home team here, but I will take Clemson whom this game means a bit more to in the conf tourney standings. This is more of a boredom bet if you are watching this game at 6pm. I don’t really like this game. It might be better to opposite of me here.

SANTA CLARA +14 vs. Gonzaga
This game will be close. SCU could pull off the upset. They are better than the odd makers think.

PORTLAND +7.5 vs. Saint Mary’s
I love Patty Mills and SMC, but this game is all about showcasing Mills and his health. Bennett will struggle with playing with his team without Mills and trying to insert his star back in there. Anybody who ever has played with a bad wrist knows how important it is. Mills won’t be ready, will be a distraction and SMC will lose to Portland. Easy bet.

Good luck!


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