Friday, March 13, 2009

OT Blowout

This is common term used in my circle of friends where we want to get to overtime and have the favorite blowout the team they are now tied with. Well if you had Syracuse +5.5, you had to feel like you picked the right side. It was a very close game that went into 6 overtimes! In each overtime a missed free throw or layup would have sealed the cover for the Orange. But, the game continued to progress and was tied at the end of an additional five minutes. It was not until the 5th overtime that Uconn had their largest lead of the game of 6 points. It was at that point that I thought the quintuple OT blowout was going into effect. Ultimately, Syracuse came back once again, tied the game and they went into a 6th and final OT. Heck of a game and a nice start to March Madness.

Picks for the day;

AUBURN +3.5 vs. Florida
This is my favorite bet of the day. Frankly, I don’t get the line. Nobody is playing better in the SEC right now than Auburn. Everyone knows the importance of this game for Florida, but this is big game for Auburn as well. The Tigers win easily.

LOUISVILLE -4 vs. Villanova
I think this game will be close and I expect Nova to play a lot of zone to force the Cardinal to hit their outside shots, which is not their forte. However, Louisville is playing too well right now to bet against.

WEST VIRGINIA -6 vs. Syracuse
Obvious pick. How do you set this line? I expect Syracuse to come out flat, eventually make a run to make it close and then run out of gas and lose by double digits.

WASHINGTON pk vs. Arizona state
Washington is too quick and has too many weapons for the one dimensional Sun Devils.

UCLA -6 vs. usc
The bruins are playing better defense right now, which is what make them great historically. Usc will be playing hard, but UCLA will prevail.

SAINT MARYS -21.5 vs. Eastern somethingerother
This is a write-in game. This is hugely important for Saint Mary’s. They were on national television and they laid an egg, Patty Mills laid an egg to be exact. If they expect to get into the tournament they have to trounce this low level team AND Mills has to go off and show he is healthy and a lottery player. This assumes Mills is healthy, which I believe he is now. I expect a romp here.

Good luck!


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