Monday, March 16, 2009

Round 1 Let the Games Begin!!

B. Anthony is working on breathing slowly and deeply. The hyper-ventilating began on Saturday and has not subsided. As previously noted, conference tourney time was a good place to make money. The kitty has grown significantly and now it is time to enjoy the fruits of our leisure!!!

By the way, Louisville in the 2nd Half vs Syracuse was probably the best play of the year. The famous gamer, Superman, took advantage big, and B. Anthony also won his biggest play of the day, but in reality, B. Anthony is small beans in his wagering amounts.

Ok, Let's get to the games and commentary: Thursday today, Friday Tomorrow

Key: 4 *- Bet this game and don't be afraid to double up! And Triple up if Half-time line value!
3*- Bet this game.
2*- Put this in parlays and don't kill yourself here, but it's March madness, so you are probably on it!
1*- Just an opinion, take it or leave it, Maybe even go Opposite!


9:20-10:00am PST Tips:

Butler +3 vs LSU. Butler has played better as a team and overachieved all year. They shoot the ball well, and will make the extra pass vs LSU. Mitchell will be a handful inside for Butler, but I take the points here. LSU was only successful because they are in a very watered down SEC. (2 *)

Memphis -19.5 vs Cal. St. Northridge: Northridge is most famous as the first home to Coach Rosie on the hill. Since then, they have been a solid program, but they are in for a long morning vs Memphis. Get this game before it goes over 20. Calipari again has ammunition to motivate his team, and their defense is smothering, fantastic, and simply just plain solid! 73-42 will be the final here, and I don't think there will be much doubt on the cover after the 1st 15 minutes of the game!. (4*)

Byu -2 vs Texas A&M. Really don't have a strong feel on this one. Rematch from last year. BYU has had a great year, and I see them pulling off one more victory before they bow out on Saturday. The Mormon experience will help them down the stretch. (1*) I will not bet on this game, out of respect for Joseph Smith & Lincoln Westcott.

11:3o-1:00 pm PST

Northern Iowa +8.5 vs Purdue. Missouri Valley conference got little respect this year, but Northern Iowa will open some eyes. They are a solid team defensively and shoot the ball well. This is a good match-up for them as they will not be overwhelmed physically. Purdue may pull it out down the stretch, but it will take some big shots from Hummell and some offensive rebounds to finally do it. Simply too many points for an even match up! (3*)

North Carolina -27 vs Radford. Heels will roll here, and likely they will have no guilt about running the score up! Lay the points and watch for an early cover. (3*) I have never liked the fact that Roy Williams plays his starters in the last 5 minutes of these games, except when I am on them !

California -1 vs Maryland: Guard play wins in the tournament. This game is really too close to call with Vasquez doing it all for Maryland, but I think the Trio of guards at Cal and Montgomery's experience will be the difference as Cal junks up their defense to slow down Vasquez. (1-2*)

Chattanooga +21 vs UConn. I really like Chattanooga! They are a 16 seed because of their record, 18-16, but they started the season, 0-7 while one of their better players was out with injury. UConn is the least powerful offensive team of the # 1 seeds, and when Chattanooga keeps this close, I will be laughing my way to the bank! (4*)

2:00pm PST

Washington -5.5 vs Mississippi: Huskies will pull this off, but I don't have a strong feeling on this one. Mississippi St. has too many unpredictable athletes. I like the Brockman and Thomas to make the difference. (1*)

4:00-4:30 pm PST

Clemson -5 vs Michigan: Clemson's pressure will be too much. This is the game where the difference between the ACC and Big Ten becomes evident. (3*)

Akron +12 vs Gonzaga. Zags are going deep this year, but they will be a bit nervous as a heavy favorite in the first round. I have no doubt they win the game, but Akron is tough on the boards and will keep it in single digits. After this game I expect Gonzaga to hit their stride and really play well all the way to or close to the final four! (3*)

Villanova -17 vs American. Too many scoring options and too much speed out of Villanova. Jay Wright has been scared before as a high seed, and his team will pull this one out early. I am looking for a 15-20 point 1st half lead, and will bet it accordingly! (4*)

Minnesota +5 vs Texas: Texas has been underachieving all year, and they are just not that good. Tubby Smith's team is great at playing ugly ball and keeping it close. Gophers are Big inside and they will turn this game into an ugly Big Ten type of contest. I like the points, but Texas advances. (2*)

Night games: 6:40 Pm- 7:30 PST

Duke -22 vs Binghampton. I am not a Blue Devil fan, but they have the type of team that scores in bunches and really dominates teams that are not as physically gifted. I see an early dose of pressure and 3-pointers. Lay the chalk (3*)

VCU +8.5 vs UCLA. VCU has more pro's on their team. They may not win outright because of Howland's experience, but this is a great game in the making and I love the points. (4*)

W. Kentucky +5 vs Illinois. I am starting to realize that the night session will be a place to get healthy. I love this Western Kentucky team, and I really am not that impressed with Illinois. I will bet this money line and with the points! (4*)

Morgan St +16.5 vs Oklahoma. I think Bozeman will junk this up and be able to keep it close. Not a big opinion on this one. (1*). However, Griffin will make some highlights, so worth watching early.

Good Luck,

B. Anthony.

Back tomorrow with Friday's Picks!


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