Friday, October 02, 2009


The recession is hitting us all. I just paid off my cable bills so I am back on line. I set a goal that I would "get back out there" in time for opening night. There is no better thrill than hearing Igor Stravinsky scoring from the blue ice in the fourth quarter to win the game! Hockey sucks. I can't believe I just referenced it. I guess I just wanted everyone to keep coming back and seeing my old post of the NCAA championship game and I how I nailed it!

I apologize to my 3 regular visitors; myself, B and the Hawk. Julian reads it too, so this is for you guys.

WASHINGTON +13 @ Notre Dame
I have been on Washington all season. Love their energy and always enjoy betting against the golden domers.

GEORGIA -3.5 vs. Lsu
Both teams are a shell of themselves from last year. LSU is really not very good.

ILLINOIS +7.5 vs. Penn state
I am not buying Penn State, even in a bounce back opportunity.

STANFURD -5.5 vs. Ucla
I hate to say it, but the other team I have liked this year is the Cardinal. No problem beating the Bruins.

U$C -4.5 @ Cal
If there was ever a year that Cal could beat usc, it would be this year. But until Tedhead proves he can beat the Almighty Pete, I am not buying. Win a real big game Tedford!

Titans -3 @ Jax
Too much talent to go 0-4

BROWNS +6.5 vs Cincy
New QB for the browns and a letdown for the bengals.

SAINTS -7 vs. Sanchize
Sanchez has played 14 games at usc and 3 in the nfl. I like him, but his world collaspes this weekend.

Stay tuned for my Baseball predictions: I am Money in the playoffs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. Typing from an internet cafe. Does that make me sound worldly?



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