Saturday, October 10, 2009

I like the dogs this weekend

UCLA +3.5 vs. Oregon
Let down for Oregon. Masoli is out, UCLA QB is back

WASHINGTON +3.5 vs. Arizona
Not convinced that anyone in the Pac 10 can win on the road.

MICHIGAN +8.5 vs. Iowa
I love Forcier. He finds a way to win or be in every game. Not convinced that Iowa is as good as ranking.

OREGON STATE +1 vs. Stanford
No way Stanford is going up to Corvalis and beating the Beavers. Stanford is good, but not this good.

LSU +8 vs. Florida
I don’t expect Tebow to play, or if he does to play well. Myers should not play him. If they lose, they get a pass because Tebow is out. They lose this game and still play in the title game (vs. USC)

CHEFS +9 vs. Cowboys
KC won’t win, but they will play hard. The cowboys are not an elite team deserving 9 points on the road. Never bet on Wade Phillips.
RAMS +10 vs. Vikings
The rams are a horrible team and the packers are coming off a Monday night high. Taking the lowest of lows vs. the highest of highs. I love it.

Good luck


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