Monday, October 05, 2009

Fire Tedford

I think I am in the minority here, but I am sick of Tedford and have been for several years. There is no question that Tedford has put Cal football on the map and made them a competitive team. Prior to Tedford, Cal football was meaningless. Now most games are filled to capacity and there is a lot of excitement prior to the games. But they should be doing better than 8-4 and a trip to the emerald bowl. This is Cal football and I expect more.

They have had talented players. There are currently 26 players from Cal in the NFL now. That is pretty good. Look at the players from 2006 that played for Cal. The result was 7-4 and beating BYU in the Las Vegas Bowl.
Desmond Bishop, Thomas DeCoud, Justin Forsett, Lavelle Hawkins, DeSean Jackson, Marshawn Lynch, Alex Mack, Cameron Morrah, Craig Stevens

Really? Is this the best we can expect?

A coach is responsible for recruiting, preparation and discipline. Tedford has done a pretty good job of recruiting based on the players in the NFL that have come through Cal, but he clearly was not getting everything out of them. They underachieved. That is bad coaching. Additionally, Tedford is known as a QB guru working to develop a long list of QBs in the NFL; Trent Dilfer, Joey Harrington, Kyle Boller, Aaron Rodgers to name a few. Where are the good quarterbacks over the last couple of years? Longshore was horrible and Riley is worse. Bring in the backup? Is there a QB waiting in the wings? The cupboard is bare. Ok, so go out and look locally in bring in Joe Montana’s kid from DeLaSalle. What’s that? He went to Washington? Oh that makes sense. More on that later.

Was this team prepared to play Oregon last week? No. And to make matters worse, they quit. In the biggest game of the year versus USC, they laid another egg. That is bad coaching. I know that the stadium needs work and that the academic standards are high, but there are loopholes and ways to get around this; see Marshawn Lynch.

Tedford lacks that killer instinct that Pete Carroll has. In a close game where Cal feels they still have a chance, USC will slice their opponent’s neck and then take their wallet for good measure. Tedford doesn’t have this. Tedford has never won the big game, and I am not talking about Stanford.

Fire Tedford

How will they end up this year? Let’s look at the schedule. They are 3-2 now.
@ UCLA – Loss
Washington State – Win
Oregon State
Arizona (they should win 2 of the above three games. Not sure which one they lose)
@ Stanford –Loss
@ Washington – Loss

6-6 and another trip to the Las Vegas bowl to play Utah sounds about right.

Fire Tedford

Ok, Mr. Fancy pants whom would you replace him with? Well it is too late now, but I would much rather have Steve Sarkisian than Tedford. Washington and Cal have the same level of talent, but Washington is playing with more energy and discipline. The huskies will have a better season than Cal this year and will be back in the Rose Bowl within 5 years. Can we say that about Cal? Obviously Sarkisian can recruit bringing in Montana. I don’t know if Junior will be good, but that is clearly a good sign for your program and head coach. Sarkisian is gone, but my point is get a Pete Carroll clone. Pete Carroll is the king that Tedford will never dethrone. Get one of the understudies. Ken Norton the defensive coordinator? Maybe he becomes the next Mike Singletary. I don’t even know who the current offensive coordinator is, but I want him.

Go out and make a change, be proactive and find the next great college coach. Don’t sit around and be content with what we have. The Bears deserve more.

Fire Tedford

On another note, please remove the Cialis commercials during football games, so I don’t have to explain to my son what a “four hour erection” is.



Blogger B. Anthony said...

Nice work Money. Glad you are back

10:35 AM  
Blogger Peter said...


I need some updates guys. Your loyal followers need some picks. Holla at playa when you see him on the street.


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