Friday, November 17, 2006

If I were to do it, here’s how

If you were expecting a play by play description of how to kill Nicole Simpson and Ronald Goldman, you will have to look elsewhere. Money is not a violent person. I get angry when one of my kids eats the last Twinkie, or when there are no more Bingo cards at the community center on Saturday night, but not violent.

No killing, just prognostications and potential BCS matchups. If I were to predict the games, this is how I see things playing out. Last weekend was an incredible day of football. Teams like USC and Rutgers received a breathe of new life while teams like Cal and Texas saw their faint National title hopes dashed.

Below you will find Money’s bowl projections

Viagra BCS Championship game:
Michigan vs. USC – Michigan will beat The Ohio State University in the big showdown. The Michigan defense is too much to handle for Troy Smith. USC has caught fire and will not lose their last 3 remaining games.

George Foreman Indoor BBQ Sugar bowl:
Arkansas vs. Notre Dame – Notre Dame lands in this spot even after a blowout loss to USC. An underrated Arkansas team gets this well deserved bid.

Pampers Orange bowl:
Georgia Tech vs. West Virginia – This game will pit the most talented players in college, with Slaton, White and Calvin Johnson

Fiesta bowl sponsored by OJ and Ashley Simpson:
Boise state vs. Texas – I wish Boise state will go away, but unfortunately their blue turf is here to stay. Luckily I don’t like either team, so I won’t watch this game.

Rose bowl sponsored by The TRUTH:
Ohio State vs. LSU – Money decided to invest in this bowl game in what figures to be an epic battle. Will Ohio State be ready to play or will they still be hung over from their home loss to the Wolverines?

College picks:

ALABAMA +3 vs. Auburn – If Alabama wins this game, Shula gets to keep his job. Auburn has been horrible recently.

KANSAS -2.5 vs. Kansas state – Kansas state’s season ended last week after their upset of Texas. They will still be drunk on Saturday.

USC -6 vs. cal – Cal won’t beat the Trojans in LA. Longshore has been too erratic and can not throw any turnovers to keep Cal in the game. Time to start worrying about Tedford and his inability to win a big game.

MICHIGAN +7 @ Ohio State – Troy Smith ends up on his back and hands the Heisman trophy to Brady Quinn on his way down.

CINCINNATI +7 vs. Rutgers – Rutgers is too smart of a team to look ahead of this game to the matchup with West Virginia next week. Right.

NFL picks:

RAIDERS +10 at Chiefs – I hate the raiders but love this bet. There is no way Trent Green will be effective with the long layoff and depleted offensive line.

BROWNS +4 vs. Steelers – The Browns play everyone tough. They are getting 4 points at home. You have to take them.

COLTS -1.5 @ Cowboys – The cowboys lose every other week. This is a losing week. The Colts don’t lose in the regular season.

BRONCOS -2.5 vs. Chargers – I think the Chargers are the best team in football. But, they need their stars to come back healthy and drug-free. LT has trouble running in Denver

SAINTS/BENGALS over 51 – I don’t like totals but neither team will stop each other.