Thursday, April 01, 2010

Final Four matchups

Some say this has been a terrific tournament with a very compelling Final Four. This group of teams are not as unusual as one would think. They were all ranked within the top 12 in pre-season so they are legitimate, but as Chevy Chase said, "It doesn't mean I want her sitting next to me!"

I, on the other hand, am bored with this Final Four. Yes, I will likely watch and will be rooting like hell against Duke, but I really wanted to see Kentucky or Syracuse or Kansas squaring off against each other. Oh well, I guess that is the beauty of this tournament. I would imagine, things will get worse when this tournament goes to 96 teams. Yuck! On a positive note, this would likely extend our yearly Vegas trip a couple of days for the opening round (hopefully).

I really don't want duke to win it all. That would really suck. They are not the best team and I would be bummed to see them cutting down the nets on Monday. It will keep things interesting because the longer Duke plays, the more people will be watching and rooting against them. I think they beat West Va and will likely be favored by either team in the other side by 5-6 points in the final.

Saturday games:

BUTLER -1 vs. Michigan State
I will go with the home team in Butler. Both teams will slow things down and force the other team into a half court offense which both teams like to do. At some point, the Kalin Lucas injury will hurt them, and I think it happens here. Butler has not allowed a team to score 60 on them in the tournament and they have played some pretty potent offenses. This game will be close, like all MSU games, but Butler will pull it off. I like the under in this game too.

Final score 63- 59 Butler

DUKE -2.5 vs. West Va
Both teams like to rebound and crash the offensive glass. Both teams do it well. The difference in these teams is that Duke can shoot and West Va cannot. The 8 threes that West Va made against Kentucky is not the norm here, it was an exception. This will be a slow paced game as well. Duke will likely be down at half, make some clutch shots at the end of the game, hit all their free throws and win by 4. I really hope I am wrong on this one! I also like the under in this game as well.

Final score 66-62 Duke

Good luck!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

I hate to go against Izzo, but I will

Each year, Michigan State finds it way to the sweet 16 and usually to the Final Four. The players change but the coach and style does not. I usually do end up picking MSU to go far each year. This year, I did not have them beating Kansas, but there are one win away from a Final Four, so go figure. I really want to take them, but I can't. Tennessee will run and pressure these guys. Kalin Lucas will be missed and Tennessee and their front court led by Wayne Chism will be too much to handle.

TENNESSEE -2 vs. Michigan state

Fear not, if I am wrong on the early game. Simply take all your expense checks for your cell phone bills over the last month and roll it on Butler. America loves the Dallas Cowboys and Duke basketball. Jon Scheyer has not been shooting well and is running out of gas. They will not win this game without a good game from him. No speech from Coach K and no amount of floor slapping can cure tired legs. This game is going to be close and I predict Baylor will win. Take the 5 points and enjoy going out a winner on the last game of the day.

BAYLOR +5 vs. Duke

Good luck!