Thursday, January 08, 2009

HARVARD- #1 in the Country

Just ask Santa Clara! The Crimson, based on their Bay Area Ballers, is taking the nation by storm! Makes sense right, BC beats UNC by about 10 and then loses to Harvard by 12. I think Harvard is at least 20 points better than UNC on a neutral court!!!!

All kidding aside, this should have been an obvious let down game and Harvard did take advantage. However, the lines and public gamblers knew this. The game opened at 21.5 and went all the way down to 16.5. I guess that wasn't nearly enough. B. Anthony should have known better. And the reality is, I went against the public sentiment and thought the Eagles would eventually show up and win this game. There I go, underestimating Jeremy Lin, Again!

Good for the Gilmore's of the world who never beat BC in years at Harvard.

The late run by Davidson and the 2nd half by Gonzaga have kept B. Anthony in the game.

Today's Picks!!!

Wright St. +10.5 vs Butler. Big conference game, Butler wins, but they win close. Take the points.

VCU -4 vs Drexel. Eric Maynor will lead the way, even on the road this is double digits!

Cleveland St. -13.5
vs Loyola Chicago. I was about ready to jump off the bandwagon of Cleveland St. But this is the the type of game they win big to get their confidence back. I am on them once more.

Washington St. Pick vs Cal. Montgomery has this team playing great, and WSU is down this year. But this is a really hard place to play. I will take the home team and look for low scoring affair!

Good Luck,
B. Anthony
50-38 ytd

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Battling the lines

Yesterday's picks were tough, because from the time I posted and looked at morning lines, to the time that anyone could actually play them, the lines moved.

Niagara -12 won by 12, but in many places the line was -12.5 or -13. They did give up a meaningless lay up with 11 seconds to go, but that is part of gaming. I will call this a loss, although I would like to call it a tie.

The ND over was only 138 for a short time, so the 140 was still well under the 146 that was the final #. Another loss.

Temple rolled over the aforementioned lousy Kent team. So 1-2 is one of the first losing days in a while.

On to today's line. I have found only a few where I really believe there is true line value.

Clemson -13.5 vs Alabama. Every bit of research I see is that Alabama is 20-25 points worse than Clemson. I will take Clemson and hope that Alabama's real team keeps showing up. Their potential is what is keeping this line under 15!

West Virgina -3 vs Conn. They are begging us to play UConn, but stats show that WVU should win by 6. A good free throw shooting team will win by at least 3 if they are to win. I like it!

Ohio St +10 vs Michigan St. I really like the Spartans but I am banking on the league game, the rivalry and everything else to keep this to single digits. Don't love it, but it is the smart play!

Miami Ohio +7 vs Dayton. Miami OH, does a great job competing, having smart and unselfish possessions and team defense. The public is on Dayton, I am not!

Illinois St -2 vs Bradley. Big rivalry game, but I am banking that the Undefeated team is not going to lose yet. Again 2 points will be based on the last few FTS going in!

Good Luck

B. Anthony

48-35 ytd

Monday, January 05, 2009


B. Anthony continues to post winners, and if his alternate personality could play those picks, and only those picks, he would still be gaming and be a winner. Hopefully, others can follow his advice better than he can.

Last Tuesdays post was 4-2, and B. Anthony's alter ego was about 2-9 for that day and is moving rapidly towards another pre-March madness retirement.

(By the way, ESPN is giving away one week of free Basketball package starting Saturday, Enjoy)

North Carolina's loss yesterday was a surprise, but that just goes to show that College hoops and bad shooting days happen. Pitt continues to impress with their work ethic, and the fact that somehow the always have 10 guys on the team that appear to be 25 and still in college! Just plain men, some of these guys look like they could be Steph Curry's father!!! Pitt will lose games in the Big East, but they are the most likely to win this conference because they keep it simple. The say, we are big and stronger and will pound you. They can do that. They don't have to shoot well or run the perfect plays or fast break.

Teams to Watch.

USC: If they don't wake up after the horrible lost to Oregon St. They never will. I still think they can be Top 4 seed going into NCAA tourney. But if they are are a 6 or 7 seed, they will be a good play for 2-3 rounds!

Niagara- They finally lost and ATS line to Chattanooga, but got right back on the winning ways vs Manhattan. They are now 12-2 ATS for the year. Keep on them.

Michigan St. Finally rounding into shape now that Suton is back. They will dominate the Big Ten, which really isn't that good despite the rankings. MSU will be top 5 soon!

West Virginia- Pomeroy has them very high on their efficiency chart. They may surprise and finish in the top 3 of Big East because of consistency!

Games tonigt!

Niagara -12 vs Loyola Maryland- That beat down at Duke could not have been good for this team.

Notre Dame vs Geogetown Over 138. Irish cannot defend, and they won't shoot nearly as bad at home! McLarney will likely make 5 or more 3's tonight. Harangody is good for another 20-10
(This over under has moved to 146.5. I am still on it, but that is a big move.)

Temple -8 vs Kent. Kent is simply not good this year.

Good Luck

B. Anthony
47-33 ytd