Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Battling the lines

Yesterday's picks were tough, because from the time I posted and looked at morning lines, to the time that anyone could actually play them, the lines moved.

Niagara -12 won by 12, but in many places the line was -12.5 or -13. They did give up a meaningless lay up with 11 seconds to go, but that is part of gaming. I will call this a loss, although I would like to call it a tie.

The ND over was only 138 for a short time, so the 140 was still well under the 146 that was the final #. Another loss.

Temple rolled over the aforementioned lousy Kent team. So 1-2 is one of the first losing days in a while.

On to today's line. I have found only a few where I really believe there is true line value.

Clemson -13.5 vs Alabama. Every bit of research I see is that Alabama is 20-25 points worse than Clemson. I will take Clemson and hope that Alabama's real team keeps showing up. Their potential is what is keeping this line under 15!

West Virgina -3 vs Conn. They are begging us to play UConn, but stats show that WVU should win by 6. A good free throw shooting team will win by at least 3 if they are to win. I like it!

Ohio St +10 vs Michigan St. I really like the Spartans but I am banking on the league game, the rivalry and everything else to keep this to single digits. Don't love it, but it is the smart play!

Miami Ohio +7 vs Dayton. Miami OH, does a great job competing, having smart and unselfish possessions and team defense. The public is on Dayton, I am not!

Illinois St -2 vs Bradley. Big rivalry game, but I am banking that the Undefeated team is not going to lose yet. Again 2 points will be based on the last few FTS going in!

Good Luck

B. Anthony

48-35 ytd


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