Monday, December 22, 2008

Monday- Dog Day!

Saturday's experiment with 9 picks was not so great. 3-6. Luckily my top 3 were 2-1 and those 2 were never in doubt!

This will drop my season average below 60% but we will get it back today.

I have noticed as the season goes along each year, heavy favorites stop covering the chalk. Look at UNC lately. They are still 30 points better than everyone, but they keep winning by 16-22 points. There lines will still be over 20 in almost every game.

On that note. Here are 6 dogs for today. No favorites!

Drexel +22.5 vs Memphis. Memphis can't shoot well enough to win by more than 20.
East Carolina +10 vs Wake Forest. Carolina is good at home, Wake it ready for a stinker.
Cornell +11.5 vs St. Josephs. Big Red have already play Syracuse and Minnesota close. No intimidation at St. Joes.

Rice +17.5 vs Oklahoma. Everyone is giving there best vs this top 3 team. Look for triangle and 2 with 2 guys on Blake.
GTech +7 vs USC. Should be a great game. USC is rounding into shape and will be in the top 20 soon, but they are not double digits better than Gtech. West Coast hoops is down.
USF +6.5 vs San Jose St. Don's are winners and playing well. San Jose St. Should never be this big a favorite. This is a local rivalry that will stay within 5 all game!

Good Gaming

B. Anthony

34-26 ytd 56.66%


Anonymous Anonymous said...

nice, how far you have come from the anti-USF days of last year.

11:02 AM  

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