Tuesday, December 02, 2008


Wisconsin Badgers are always going to be(Dangerous) in the Sweet Sixteen! They always take good shots. Even in tough environments, down the stretch, with less than 10 seconds on the shot clock. Good things happen for them!

USC never plays hard, until they have to. they will be much better against Oklahoma than they were vs USF, but they will lose!

SEC hoops will never be as good as SEC football! Down across the board this year!

Big East is back! Remember when they were a 6 foul league?
North Carolina is going to the final four! The injury to Hansborough is great. He is resting against these weak teams, and his teammates are getting better. When he does play, everyone is so energized! I don't have a good feeling about MSU 's chances this week. And I like them, despite their loss to Maryland.

Picks for Tonight_

Just because: Here are 8 picks. I am confident that 6-2 is coming!

Utah St -18.5 vs Irvine- Irvine sucks, Utah St. punishes teams like this
Clemson +2 vs Illinois- Clemson always starts 10-0
BC -8 vs Iowa- Tyrese Rice at home gets 35 and he pushes at the end of the game
Ohio State +8 vs Miami- Thad Matta will feed the big man, play zone, and stay in the game.

Villanova -13 vs Penn- Too many options for Nova, and they like to beat up the IVY
Troy +19 vs Dayton- Dayton is very good, but coming down off a big win over Marquette
Cleveland St -7.5 vs Valparaiso- Good home team, Valpo has no more DrewS!
Washington St -20.5 vs Idaho St.- WSU in a defensive lock down.

One more for good measure. ( based solely on principle)

Georgia +4.5 vs Western Kentucky. This should be a blow out for a WKU team that beat Louisville this weekend, but this has let down written all over it. I just can's stay away!

B. Anthony


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