Tuesday, November 18, 2008

24 Hour Marathon- Heavenly Vacation

B. Anthony only wishes he could fulfill his dream day: Son on the lap and constant basketball for 24 hours!!!! ESPN created this little fantasy, and we are enjoying the ride.

Last night saw many teams get underway, with some familiar results. Memphis was frenetic, ugly, shot horribly, 2-19 from three, and still won by 22 points. They need Xavier the Savior for next years run to the final four, but they will be a 30 win team this year because of scheduling!

Quick notes:

A. USF Rising- A perennial door mat-(no longer a lock anti-bet)
I am hoping Rex Walters and Calvin Byrd do a good job at USF. I am going to jump on the wagon early and say they will! They are contemporaries who shared the court with B. Anthony several times, and they know how to work hard, work smart and get teams to play together. This is huge when you will always be slightly less talented.

B. 20-9' will make a difference. Said it yesterday, say it again today.
C. Stephen Curry, player of the year. He will prove it again tonight. Amazing that a guy who teams scheme for specifically can shoot 14-19 from the field, and get 9 assists. He doesn't take bad shots.... period......

Games Tonight- 4 TV games + a few others. Not always the smartest way to go, but might as well give everyone a chance to see my picks in action.

Boston College -7.5 vs St. Johns- Tyrese Rice back from suspension will drop 30 + in a double digit win!

Kentucky +18 vs North Carolina- Tar Heels will miss Hansborough on the boards. The Kentucky second shots will keep them in the game for a while, and down the stretch they will keep it around 10. Too many points this early in the year!

Davidson +4 vs Oklahoma- Two All- Americans living up to their hype. Problem is Davidson plays fantastic team defense and Griffin will be surround while he gets his 25pts and 15 bds. Curry will take and make all kinds of good basketball shots. 28, 8 assists, 4 bds, 3 steals. Davidson wins outright!

UAB +4 vs Arizona. This is simply an anti- Arizona bet!

USC -15.5 vs New Mexico St. Early season home game. Early gitters will keep this game reasonable, but USC's defense will make this a 20-30 point blow out in the 2nd half!

USF + 14 vs Cal- I am taking the points in this local battle. I think Lowhorn will have a huge game in front of his home town fans!!

BYU-9.5 vs Pepperdine- Pepperdine is bad, not quite as bad as LMU, but close!

Good Gaming,

B. Anthony
4-4 ytd!


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