Thursday, November 13, 2008

Week 11

Here are the standings for my weekly league. I picked against my son last week and tied me. Not that I am the benchmark, but I will soon be turning over my handicapping to my capable son.

Coach 110
JB 108
CCR 106
TG 105
Dollar Bill 105
D43 104
Money 103
T Bone 102
50 cent 100
Hockey guy 100

Virginia Tech @ Miami
Cincinnati @ Louisville
Northwestern @ Michigan
North Carolina @ Maryland
Notre Dame @ Navy
Vandy @ Kentucky
Texas @ Kansas
Cal @ Oregon St.
BYU @ Air Force
Boston College @ Florida St.
Oklahoma St. @ Colorado
Arizona @ Oregon
UCLA @ Washington
USC @ Stanford
Ohio St. @ Illinois
New Mexico @ Colorado St._137___pts only

I picked a lot of home teams this week. A few thoughts on the games above and others not listed. Follow me here. I really don’t know what to make of the Cal/OSU game. I hope they win. The road team has done well recently in this rivalry. Regardless of the outcome, I think they will lose to Stanford. So if you believe that then how can Stanford be getting +23.5 points at home, when USC was favored by 21 at the Coliseum? USC is not that talented, and the Pac 10 as a unit is pretty weak, obviously. With that said, I really like Stanford to cover the spread vs. USC. They won’t win though. After the emotional loss at Iowa, I like Penn state to bounce back big at home vs. Indiana. Maryland plays well at home and will “upset UNC. I don’t care who does the play calling for ND, Charlie Weiss is a big fat bust.

College plays

ILLINOIS +10 vs. Ohio State
STANFORD +23.5 vs. Usc
BYU – 5.5 @ Air Force
PENN STATE -35.5 vs. Indiana
NAVY +4 vs. Notre Dame
MARYLAND +3 vs. Unc
WASHINGTON +7 vs. ucla

NFL plays
The Panthers is the obvious survivor play. They are two touchdown favorites over a QB that was retired last week.

BUCS -3.5 vs. Minnesota
PITT -5 vs. San Diego



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