Friday, October 24, 2008

Week 8

As predicted, Money had a big weekend. Money went 13-2 in his weekly pool, climbing back into the top 5. I can’t say the same thing for Joe the Plumber, who since we last spoke, has eaten up his 15 minutes of fame and is not a plumber. Say it is so Joe? Here are the standing;

Coach 83
T Bone 82
JB 81
D43 80
Money 79
CCR 78
Dollar Bill 77

My picks for the pool this week;

Auburn @ West Virginia pick WVA
Boise St. @ San Jose St. pick SJSU
Wake Forest @ Miami pick Wake Forest
Boston College @ North Carolina pick Boston College
Illinois @ Wisconsin pick Illinois
Mississippi @ Arkansas pick Mississippi
Oklahoma St. @ Texas pick Texas
Georgia @ LSU pick Georgia
Michigan St. @ Michigan pick Michigan
Nevada @ Hawaii pick Hawaii
Texas Tech @ Kansas pick Kansas
Penn St. @ Ohio St. pick OSU
Alabama @ Tennessee pick Tennessee
Oregon @ Arizona St. pick ASU
USC @ Arizona pick U$C
UCLA @ CAL __2___pts

College picks: 5-3 last week

SAN JOSE ST +7 vs. Boise st
I may be drinking the Kool-aid, but I think SJSU can win. Cover? Definitely.

KANSAS -1 vs. Texas Tech
KU has one of the best QBs in the country. They also have a GINORMOUS head coach. Easy bet.

UCLA +17 at Cal
Cal is a mess, still. QB controversy. Best is hurt still. UCLA still sucks, but getting better

OSU will put up a good fight. Texas wins though.

MISSOURI -24.5 vs. Colorado
I still like this team and they punish Colorado

TENNESSEE +5 vs. Alabama
UT finally puts it together and the tide crumble in Rocky Top. UT wins!

OHIO STATE +2.5 vs. Penn State
I don’t get this line. It is probably a trap, but I like the buckeye to win. Penn State's best win was against Oregon State (a very average PAC 10 team) in September, who traditionally gets off to slow starts. PSU has not played anyone as good as Ohio State.

ARIZONA +16 vs. U$C
The Wildcats won’t win, but have the offense to stay in the game.

NFL: 2-2 last week

LIONS +8 vs. Redskins
Lions are still competing. I don’t know why.

DOLPHINS +2 vs. Bills
Best bet out there.

RAVENS -8 vs. Raiders
I don’t trust the Raiders who have life again, but they still are not very good.

Survivor thoughts;
CCR and D43 took Pitt, on the road, against my better judgment. It really did not matter as everyone won. I warned about Dallas and they lost. This week, the call has to be the J-E-T-S. I do like Herm Edwards and he will be fired up to play the game, but he no longer suits up. KC has no QB and no RB. Good luck.

World Series; I picked Tampa Bay in five. Yes, we are two games into this, but I did not get a chance to write this. I felt Hammels would win game 1 which he did and the Rays sweep the rest. Better rotation, bullpen and positional players. This won’t be close. Watch Brad Lidge blowup. Great season and run, going 41 of 41 in the regular season, but nobody can forget Pujols dumping on him in the playoffs a few years back. It will happen again.



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