Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Money draft thoughts

Sorry. It’s been a while since The Truth has spoken. Much has happened since KU stole the crown from Memphis.

B. Anthony had a healthy bouncing (and dribbling) baby boy. Congratulations B. Anthony on your new addition!

Money switched jobs.

The NBA playoffs ended. Side note; Money and his son Franc (8 years old) decided to fill out the NBA brackets for a small wager. Yes, Money is instilling the value of gambling at an early age. Needless to say, Money did not do well, although I did pick the eventual champions Celtics, over the Lakers in the finals. I missed 4 of 8 of the first round. However, my son Franc did not miss a series. He picked the entire bracket all the way through without missing a game. Money was impressed and will consult with Franc during March Madness next year.

The NBA draft is coming up on Thursday and Money is pumped. I love the draft. I could do without the Euros though because I don’t track or see them play (no budget). So here are some high level thoughts on the draft, the Warriors and my mock lottery.

- This is a really funky draft. I think there are some good players, but not great players. I would be really worried about lottery players, not named Rose or Beasley.
- I think Beasley will be great. He is a scorer and will put up 20 and 10 consistently every year. He will end up with even better numbers than Kevin Durant.
- Rose will be a good fit in Chicago, but he is not the next Chris Paul.
- I would not want to pick 3rd. I really don’t see a big difference between the next 8-10 players. I would not pick Mayo at 3. He is talented, but not a good team player. I have low expectations for him and that should not be the case of a number 3 guy.
- Bayless is good but frail.
- Westbrook is not a lottery player. Total bust. He is not a point guard. Bruce Bowen who can jump.
- Brook Lopez is a social misfit. He is talented and on the right team, he could be a good player. I would not want him on my team. His brother may have more upside since he is a bit more athletic, but same thing goes for him as well. Stay off my team.
- Biggest bust of the draft with be Anthony Randolph. I never heard of him during the year and a year from now, we won’t hear from him again.
- I am not a fan of Eric Gordon. I know he had a tough time at Indiana and was playing with a bad wrist, but I don’t see much coming from him. I will admit though, that if anyone from the above list is going to prove me wrong, it will be this guy.
- The Warriors second round pick will make more of an impact than their pick at 14.
- The best players in this draft outside of the top two will be taken at or near the end of the first round or beginning of the second.

- Money players;
o I love Kevin Love and Joe Alexander. These guys will be very good. In the right environment (like the Warriors) they could be All Stars.
o DJ Augustin will be a great point guard, similar to Steve Nash.
o Mario Chalmers, Chris Douglas Roberts and Courtney Lee will immediately contribute.
o I really like Jason Thompson. He is going to make some team happy they drafted him.
o Who is the next Carl Landry/Paul Milsap of this year’s draft? Richard Hendrix, DJ White and Marreese Speights.
o Brandon Rush is a safe pick for anyone. Who wants safe though?

What should/will the Warriors do?
The Warriors should move up the draft and pick up Kevin Love or Joe Alexander. I don’t want them to give up Brandon Wright to do this, so it would have to be their 14th pick, Al Harrington and something with their Trade Exception. Most likely, impossible to do. So then what? How about moving down? Not sure if there is a market for that, but maybe someone like Brook Lopez, Randolph or Westbrook slide down and somebody really wants them. Trade down and get more picks from my group of guys; Thompson, Hendrix, White, Lee, Chalmers, Speights. If the Warriors ended up with two of these guys, I would be pleased. Frankly, I would be pleased with one of these guys.

In all likelihood, the Warriors will end up staying put, because they have no choice. They end up drafting a Euro, Rush or Kosta Koufos. I would take either of these guys (excluding the Euro), but none of them would contribute as a lottery player should. Rush is solid, but moody and has already hit his ceiling. Koufos is big and can shoot. He is young and could get better though. Again, neither of these guys will really help. Bottom-line for the Warriors; the 14th pick won’t produce but the 49th will.

1) Chicago – D Rose; this is a no brainer pick for Chicago.
2) Miami- M Beasley; There is gossip now that Miami will ship him to Memphis for Conley and the 5th. Regardless, Beasley is the second player chosen.
3) Minnesota – OJ Mayo; Never trust or put your faith in an OJ.
4) Seattle – J Bayless; I don’t know why they think he can play point, which is what Seattle needs. He did not play it in college.
5) Memphis – K Love; that sucks for him.
6) New York – A Randolph; because the Knicks make so many dumb mistakes in the draft.
7) LA Clippers – E Gordon; where good players go to die.
8) Milwaukee – J Alexander; Best athlete in the draft. I love this guy.
9) Charlotte – B Lopez; what will this quirky bastard do without his brother around?
10) New Jersey – D Gallinari; good luck with the Euro!
11) Indiana – R Westbrook; they need a point guard. Should have taken Augustin.
12) Sacramento – R Hibbert; they are going to do something dumb here like take Hibbert or some other Euro.
13) Portland – B Rush; Smart, safe pick for a team that is trying to get smarter and safer.
14) WARRIORS – Donte Green; I am preparing myself to be extremely disappointed with this pick.


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