Saturday, March 29, 2008

I can't resist

I have been riding Louisville all year, and I can't jump off the bandwagon now. I do feel that they can beat UNC, but they will have to hit a good percentage of their 3 point shots (over 35%) and limit the turnovers they have. If I think about it logically, I have to think that UNC wins, but it is hard to get Louisville out of my heart. I may be wrong on this one but at least I am going down swinging.

LOUISVILLE +6 vs. North Carolina

I don't like the way UCLA is playing right now. There is the notion that they turn it up a notch today because they know what is at stake. I don't buy it. They are simply not playing up to the level that they should be. I like Xavier's balanced attack and I think this will be close. Who has UCLA beaten badly?

XAVIER +6.5 vs. Ucla

I am probably wrong on both of these, but as I said, I can't resist.



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