Saturday, March 15, 2008


I have seen a lot of Stanford basketball recently, more than I would care to watch or admit. Brook Lopez is completely dominant and is starting to take over the league. He is also really "out there" to be kind. His favorite musician is Michael Jackson and his brother likes Mariah Carey. Nothing like a little Thriller to get you pumped up for the big game.

His elbow throwing antics have been lower this year, but his cro-magnon grimace put his right at the top of the list of Money's most annoying players in College basketball. In fact, you could field a team from just this stanford team. Taj Finger should play with a pencil behind his ear. His jump shot looks like he is sitting on a toilet. But, they keep winning and I will pick them tonite.

NORTH CAROLINA -11 vs. Va Tech
UNC killed Va Tech without Lawson earlier. This is a home game for the Heels. Va Tech has not beaten anyone. UNC rolls

WISCONSIN -3 vs. Michigan state
I don't trust MSU. Wisconsin will win this game ugly.

ARKANSAS +6 vs. Tennessee
The razorbacks have a strong perimeter defense that should be able to defend Tenn's 3 point shooting.

TEMPLE +2.5 vs. St. Joseph's
These guys have played each other twice and split each game winning at home by 1 point. More of the same here. I like Temple to win this and steal a bid.

STANFURD +3.5 vs. Ucla
UCLA will have no answer for the Moron Twins. Luc Richard is out without a sprained ankle and that will hurt the Bruins as well. I hate to say it, but the Cardinal win and become the first #2 seed knocked out of the NCAA tournament.

PITT +5 vs. Georgetown
I bet on the Hoyas yesterday and yes, they are rolling now. They look like the best in the country. But, they will continue to have trouble with turnovers and I think Pitt will be a tough test for them tonite.



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