Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Gauntlet has been Dropped

Championship week has a special place in my heart, and the sheer volume of games is even greater than the actual tournament. With that in mind, B. Anthony will pick every game on the calendar for the next two days, and Money will book them personally. (1000 Duane Dollars a game)

The best games will be listed with ***'s at the end. for your gaming assistance.

Big East
Syracuse over Villanova in a Pick.
Providence +8 vs West Virginia. Too many points in this conference battle. Friars have a history of overachieving.
Cincinnati +10 vs Pittsburgh. This is a classic bounce back after that horrible performance against Uconn. No one believes in this one, that is why it is one of my favorites. ***
Marquette-10 vs Seton Hall. Just a mismatch. Lay the lumber.

Atlantic 10
Dayton -4 vs St. Louis. Flyers are making a push for the big Dance. They need a big win! ***
St. Joes -7.5 vs Fordham.
Duquense -5 vs La Salle.
Charlotte Pick vs Rhode Island. Just because it seems like everyone else will want Rhode Island. Take the 49er's.

Ball St +2 vs E. Michigan
Central Michigan -6 vs Northern Illinois
Bowling Green +1 vs Toledo
Miami (OH) -9 vs Buffalo.

Conf. USA (aka Memphis and the little sisters of the poor)
East Carolina +10 vs Tulsa.
UTEP -10 vs SMU. Don Haskins is king.
Tulane +1 vs We Are Marshall.
Southern Miss -14.5 vs Rice-a Roni.

Big West
Long Beach +9 vs Irvine
Cal Poly SLO-3.5 vs Riverside.

Mountain West.
Wyoming -5.5 vs Colorado St.*** Rams Suck. This is one of the better games! Just look at this photo! this is how Futile Colorado St. is!
UNLV -11.5 vs TCU. Home game, not fair. Blow out! Rebels need a great showing at Thomas and Mack.
San Diego St. -4.5 vs Air Force. Air Force is down and out.

Big West
Boise St -8 vs Hawaii. Rainbows have no chance on the mainland! Parlay this with Wyoming!
Fresno St +8 vs Nevada. Classic battle, I like the points.
New Mexico St -18 vs Idaho. Mismatch.
Arizona +18 vs Oregon St. Why are they playing this game?
USC -4.5 vs Arizona St. Too much Trojans, not good for STD's!
Washington St -3 vs Oregon. Ducks may get knocked out of tournament with a bad loss here.
Cal +1 vs Washington. Surprise us all Bears!

Wake Forest +1 vs Florida St. Surprise, Demon Deacons still alive.
Miami FL -5 vs NC St. No more Love for Lowe!
Maryland -5 vs BC. Terrapins may make a miracle run this week!
Georgia Tech -1.5 vs Virginia. Cavaliers had their last hurrah last week. They are done in by the Yellow Jackets. ***

Big 12
Ok. St -3.5 vs TTech
Baylor -9 vs Colorado
Missouri +1.5 vs Nebraska
Texas A&M -11 vs Iowa St. Aggies wake up and make a run this week!***

Big 10
Penn St +8 vs Illinois
Northwestern +9 vs Minnesota
LSU -1 vs South Carolina
Vandy -7 vs Auburn
Florida -2 vs Bama. Watch for the Gators to show some heart and play well this week.***
Georgia +3.5 vs Mississippi.

Enjoy the Games,

B. Anthony
192-155-9 ytd


Anonymous doubledown said...

that is an impressive list of games, are you working for espn full time? I liked the conference usa comment.

8:30 PM  
Blogger Money said...

B Anthony
Here are my picks for Wednesday's games

Big East
Villanova in a Pick.
Providence +8
Cincinnati +10 .

Atlantic 10
Dayton -4 .
+7.5 Fordham.
+5 La Salle.
Charlotte Pick

-2 E. Michigan
Central Michigan -6
-1 Toledo
Miami (OH) -9 .

Conf. USA
-10 Tulsa.
UTEP -10 .
Tulane +1 .
+14.5 Rice.

Big West
-9 Irvine
+3.5 Riverside.

Mountain West.
Wyoming -5.5
UNLV -11.5
San Diego St. -4.5

Arizona -18
Cal +1

6:46 AM  

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