Friday, March 07, 2008

Saturday, Early Picks

Lines are based on the early Las Vegas line that just came out at 2:00pm PST.

You will notice a trend here of many dogs. This will continue through the tournament. As we get to crunch time things continue to get closer and closer. The first 4-5 games are my favorite, and it is no surprise they are mostly dogs.

Louisville +4 vs Georgetown. Cardinals are playing great, this is a championship game that will be very close.

Miami +3.5 vs Florida St. Miami is making a great closing run for the tournament. They will win this game out-right in a season closing rivalry game. The crowd will pull a high school move and be chanting "Just like Football" by the end of the game!
Duke -2 vs UNC. I don't like Duke, but this is a good match up for them against UNC, and they have too many perimeter options. The home court makes a big difference, and I think the Tar Heels have a greater amount of Hate for Duke, and they often cannot control their emotions. The Blue Devils just know how to weasel a win. Just imagine how much you would want to kick Paulus in the ding-ding when he was slapping the floor in front of you. This is 10 generations of floor slappers just irking the Tar Heels!

South Florida +7 vs Notre Dame. Irish are good, but not great on the Road, they don’t need to win big. This is a tough place to play, take the points.

UAB +15 vs Memphis. Memphis has no need to win big here, and this game is huge for UAB.

Washington St -9 vs Washington. Cougars will end the season on a high note and will then compete for the conference tournament championship next week. Huskies are just about buried.

Arizona St -11 vs Oregon St. Beavers are stuffed, cooked, and have quit after that huge loss on Thursday. Sun Devils get healthy and happy with a big win.

Good Gaming
B. Anthony


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