Monday, March 03, 2008

Louisville needs to lose

My preseason pick of Louisville to win it all does not look so foolish now. They are playing as well as anyone right now. However, they are becoming the trendy "under the radar" pick. I sure would like the Cardinals to lose this week at Georgetown. This would do two things; pump up the Hoyas and bring back Louisville to the crowd. I will say it again, the Hoyas are very ordinary. They will likely get a #2 seed, but they won't go any further than the sweet 16.

I also hate to say it, but The Drake is getting too much publicity now. They are over-exposed and everyone's darling now. Money is not worried, because we still have The Truth's other cinderellas that will make an impact, such as South Alabama, Kent state (bad loss to Bowling Green, but we forgive them), Davidson and St. Mary's.

Tonite's plays

WEST VIRGINIA -5.5 vs. Pitt
This is a game that West Va must win. They are a different animal at home and I think Pitt may not come in with the same intensity as they stole one against Syracuse on Saturday.

KANSAS -19.5 vs. Texas Tech
Speaking of "under the radar", is it possible that KU is flying underneath it? Yes. They are no longer being discussed as a number 1 seed (which can still change) and I think this is helping them to play better relaxed basketball. Major letdown by Tech after their home upset victory over Texas.

SAINT MARY'S -12.5 @ Portland
SMC had better win this game, as they have losses in 2 of their last 3 games. Portland is horrible even though they have a Ravio and a Sikma on their team.



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