Thursday, February 28, 2008

Please fire Ben Braun

I will admit that the result of my anguish for Cal’s football and basketball programs, have the same result (fire the coach), there is some reason for this insanity. I have been saying for years that we will look back on this Cal football team for the past two years and be amazed at the talent they had and the number of players from these years that make significant impacts in the NFL. Cal will never have better players than what they have had the past two seasons and they have nothing to show for it, excluding some crappy bowl victories. Yes, Tedford has led this team to become relevant again and a topic for discussion among the top 25, but they could be a lot better than that.

The same should be said for Ben Braun too. What has this guy done to deserve keeping him? He has been coaching this team since 1996. That is a long time. He has not made the NCAA tournament field of 65 four out of the past five years, and yes, I am including this year as another failure. Congratulations are in order for winning the NIT tournament in 1999, but it is time to turn the page.

This current team has 3 NBA players. Devon Hardin, who sucks, but has an NBA body, will be drafted in the first round at the end of the season. Ryan Anderson, who is fantastic, will also get drafted should he decide to leave early. And why wouldn’t he? Patrick Christopher, if he stays in college for 1 or 2 more years will also get drafted and have a nice career in the NBA. That is 3 players on this team and they won’t even get into the NCAA tournament. Most good teams have 2 sure-fire players and Cal has three.

Please fire Ben Braun and bring in Mike Montgomery.

Picks for tonite;

NOTRE DAME +8 @ Louisville
This should be a great game. I love both teams. I am anxious to see how ND does against the Louisville zone and the pressure from the Cardinals. I think both teams are legit final four teams. I give Notre Dame a very good chance to pull off the upset tonite.

WISCONSIN – 5.5 vs. Michigan state
There are several teams that I don’t like betting on; Texas A&M, Cal, and Michigan state to name a few. They have a few moments of greatness, but mainly they just suck. Let’s hope that MSU does not have one it’s moments tonite.

PAC 10 theory:
As we all can attest, betting on the Pac 10 is a difficult assignment, especially on Thursday evenings. Any team is capable of beating anyone, anywhere with the exception of Oregon state. However, once Saturday rolls around some team may have won a game they should not have and will feel good about a split for the weekend and vice versa for the loser of that game. Case in point last weekend was Arizona state whooping up on Washington. Knowing this, I will give you my picks, but I think the best bet will come from an upset team taking it out on somebody else on Saturday.

Washington +11
Cal +2
UCLA -6.5
USC +5



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