Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Guess who's number one now

Well that did not last long. Tennessee's stay as the number one team in the country lasted less than 48 hours. The Vandy game was a classic trap game and hopefully, we all benefited from it. So with their impending drop from the top rank, who will vault to the number one spot next week? Well, Memphis is #2 in the AP and North Carolina is #2 in the coach’s poll. My bet is that it will be Memphis. My bet is also that they will pound Tulsa tonite. They know they played horribly and will be looking to avenge their loss to UT and take it out on Tulsa. They will shoot better, pound it inside, rebound and play better defense. I really don't think this game will ever be close.

MEMPHIS -19 vs. Tulsa
You may as well take the first half -10.5 too.

MIAMI +8.5 @ Clemson
Big game for Miami who is suddenly back in the NCAA bracket picture now.

CINCINATTI +11 @ Pittsburgh
The way these two teams play defense, this game will never go above double digits.



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