Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Hangover rule

Missouri -5 vs Oklahoma St. Cowboys had a great run in beating Kansas. But that was in Stillwater, they will lose on the road, and lose badly.

Vanderbilt +3 vs #1 Tennessee. This will be a bad week for Pearl despite his first #1 ranking. By the end of the Week he will get a harassment charge from CBS and Erin Andrews, and they will lose at Vandy after enjoying the #1 spot for less than 24 hours!

Must win rule:

Southern Illinois+1 vs Bradley. Salukis are in a must win situation, and if they make a solid run down the stretch we can see them dance.

New Mexico -4 vs BYU. The Lobos are great at home and have to beat their own personal antithesis BYU. These are the two best teams in the Mountain West, but the home team will prevail led by JR. Giddens.

B. Anthony
165-130-7 ytd


Anonymous doubledown said...

hey susan-

tell me someone else than tennessee or memphis is going to win the tourney? it wasnt quite as bad as the memphis v ucla game in the final four a couple years ago as far as shooting goes (that game was as bad as it gets) but tennessee missed 40 shots and memhpis wasnt 50% from the line, with both teams only scoring in the 60's yet they both run. these guys dont even have to go to class at these two schools, what else do they have to do besides work on their shooting? dorsey is talking trash at the end of the game even though he has been arrested more times than he had scored points in the entire game. calipari should be proud. hopefully ucla, north carolina or kansas or somebody else can represent better than that and win it all. aside from the few top players in the country, mostly freshman, not many can close on offense as is repeatedly shown in these so-called top games of the year.

11:36 AM  
Blogger B. Anthony said...

good point Double-down! No one shoots like the old days. these teams are both likely to be upset in the tourney. I am starting to lean towards more complete teams. But defense goes a long way to getting in the game and staying in the game. Ask Dick Davey.!

12:03 PM  
Blogger Money said...

B Ant
I like your picks today, especially Vandy and So Ill. If you watched the Tenn/Memphis game you saw how much these two teams cared and how tired and hurt they were after the game. Major let down at Vanderbilt tonite. I think there will be a "White out", although I am not sure what that is other than the stuff I used to sniff in high school to get me through Physics class.

Bradley will be without starting point guard and floor general Daniel Ruffin. No point guard=no victory for Bradley.

12:27 PM  
Blogger Money said...

Double down,
Someone other than Memphis or Tenn that will win it all? How about this, Memphis has no chance to win it all. Yes, Memphis is great and peppered with NBA stars, but they won't win it all shooting amongst the league losers in Free throw percentage. Additionally, they won't win it all bombing threes either. They better figure out how to use Dorsey and their other inside guys quickly. Great 8? Yes. Final 4? Maybe. Final 2 or champions? No chance.

Tenn is capable. Who else? UCLA will be there. Louisville, my preseason pick is playing the part and capable.

I am glad that I dumped KU. They will fail again this year.

12:41 PM  
Anonymous doubledown said...


I agree, defense is huge, but in order to be really good you need a guy or two that can finish, and a guard that can shoot and make free throws. if you dont have that you are going home. these two programs and others like them who let anyone in with a pulse should have that. for others with standards it is tougher to recruit.

I agree,and that was my point. they were supposidly the best two teams in the country but they cant shoot and havent played anyone, especially memphis. yet the media and polls would have you believe differently. calipari has no ethics and he has players that get arrested more often than they practice. bruce pearl is too big of a dork to win it all. he is more interested in taking his shirt off for chicks games or hitting on sideline reporters on national tv. hopefully a better program will step up like ucla, kansas ( which I think has a better chance this year than past due to experience, you might have stopped making out too early) or north carolina. anybody that is more credible, more fun to watch, that has some players who can finish and play well in a big game. maybe stanford will do well, that would be nice to see.

1:18 PM  

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